See this video for how to make a plastic modeling cement “paste” with left over model kit sprues. Your model or miniature would melt, break, or dissolve before Apoxie breaks apart. Ultimately, you want the seam, hole, or gap between parts to disappear into the model’s surface. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. But, it depends on what you need it for. Next time: Build great scale models, Part 4: Finishing with paint and decals. It’s fairly expensive for how much you get. Stinky and sticky, these putties contain organic solvents like toluene and acetone. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Apoxie will hold extremely fine details—I know because my finger prints are permanently embedded in several of my models now because of this stuff. These fillers are similar to hobby fillers in that they can bond to most materials. It works well on plastic and resin materials, which compromise most of the Games Workshop model line. I’m always wary of products that claim perfection. That’s its intended purpose and it can be purchased from most specialized hobby and local game stores. AK Interactive is one of the best primers for those looking for a no-nonsense acrylic primer. Most fillers will adhere well as long as the surface is clean. Of course, what does this all mean for gap-filling? As the name suggests, the Loctite Putty is an all-purpose tool for many of your needs, including scale models, miniatures, and home repair jobs. It’s not too thick or thin, which allows it to bridge gaps of various sizes. All you have to do is cut off the end, like a stick of butter, and knead it together with your hands. It’s durable and takes up different solvent-based paints nicely. Liquid Green Stuff is designed for miniatures and models. Shop online for 26 hobby and craft putty / filler at discounts up to 26%.Plastic is the most popular of the 3 hobby and craft putty / filler categories, then Wood, and Microballoon. Call us on 01840 211009 01840 211009. model boat and ship fillers, featuring mantua sanding sealer, wood filler, milliput epoxy putty, Covid 19: Whilst we are open our dispatch time is currently up to 5 working days from date of order regardless of the service selected. When the glue dries, the melted plastic solidifies into a single plastic bonded surface. Well, similar to the ingenious hack with plastic cement (see above), you can add other substances to super glue to make a gap-filling “paste”. The brilliance of this method is that the cured paste is essentially the same plastic as the rest of your model or miniature. It does work across a variety of materials, but I have found that Bondic does have limited bonding power. Filling gaps in bases is easier with formulated products. It's a little less forgiving than Tamiya Basic Putty, with a quick drying time, and dries a little softer and is sometimes brittle after curing. I tried two-part putty, which seems better suited for the wider gaps found on metals. Once the UV LED light is shone on the clear fluid, it will instantly cure producing heat (i.e., don’t use it on your skin, I’ve tried and it burns, literally!). Increase the amount of Durham's to get the material harder or decrease to get it softer. Information on the different types of filler available is contained in the article ‘All About Fillers’. Citadel Liquid Green Stuff comes in a 12ml sized pot, which is similar to the volume you get in GW’s regular paint pots. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This version is the best Vallejo gap filler. For hobby scratch builders and mold-makers, this is product is probably for you. Curing happens fast. This helps account for the possibility that the gap filler contracts as it dries or cures, or the parts move apart slightly during this process. The exception is that it already has the two parts rolled into a cylinder. I won’t say too much because most has already been said elsewhere about this stuff. After a gap filler has solidified, you can apply different techniques to ensure the surface between the two bridged parts is as seamless as possible. More importantly, Apoxie is an epoxy. Bondic to the rescue. 12 Best Gap Fillers for Miniatures and Models 1. Is the Perfect Plastic Putty actually “perfect”? It can be purchased at a local hardware store and most department stores that carry household repair products. It... 3. Tamiya Putty is renown as a repair filler for modifying plastic models (e.g., gunpla ). Gray Putty for Model & Hobby (Squadron Products), 12. The fluid itself isn’t thick, but has sufficient surface tension to bridge across 1-2mm gaps. Citadel Liquid Green Stuff comes in a 12ml sized pot, which is similar to the volume you... 2. Adding a bit of water thins out the green filler and aids in smoothing. A guide for how to build plastic models wouldn’t be complete without some plastic polishing advice. Plastic Surgery to Become a Model Should Models Have Plastic Surgery to Enhance Modeling Career? Because it is acrylic/water-based, even if the putty has hardened, exposing the dried putty to water will dissolve it and erase your hard work. Solvent-based putty. Here are the 12 recommended best gap-fillers for miniatures and models: What makes a good gap filler for miniatures and models? The Army Painter Miniature and Model Files - 3-Piece Diamond File Set of Round File, Flat File and Tri… To be honest, the only problem I have with Apoxie is the cost. Although the feature list says Bondo cures quickly, you can adjust the cure time by adjust the hardener ratio. Epoxy or all-purpose repair putty might be more useful in this case. Joules © 1996-2021,, Inc. or its affiliates. There are several criteria to look for when you want to find the best gap filler for miniatures and models. The final substance is hard-ish, but you can press your fingernail into it, so it does have some flex. The putty has the consistency of sculptor’s clay, and can therefore be used in additive and subtractive sculpting approaches. Bottom line: don’t wet sand this putty. The ability to mix with water also means that the excessive putty is easy to clean-up off the working surface. This gray colored putty comes in a fairly large tube (70ml). Among the many misconceptions about starting a modeling career, the ideas about models getting plastic surgery are some of the most widespread.There is an idea that all models must conform to the same measurements, face and body shape, and maintain their youthful appearance years after a non … Tamiya Cement glue is a plastic modeling cement, which means that it works through a unique chemical process whereby the glue melts styrene plastic (commonly used in model and miniature kits). MORE: HOW TO SMOOTH PLA 3D PRINTS WITHOUT SANDING. It is a thick clay like substance that takes some force to apply. Primer may reveal slight imperfections. Plastic Model Putty Shop online for 18 plastic model putty at discounts up to 23%. It’ll take up primer and paint very well. Because Tamiya Putty has a thin viscosity, it is one of the easiest fillers to work with and apply to small gaps and holes. ... Dr. Indeyeva is a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon that has devoted her entire training, experience, and practice to the neck and face only. Additionally, as an epoxy, Milliput has adhesive properties that bind well along small contact points. If you shouldn’t need to sand or score the surfaces you’re applying the gap filler. As the product cures, you can shape it to your desired surface and within 24 hours it’ll be rock-solid. Some gap fillers are water-soluble, such as the Vallejo Plastic Putty or Citadel Green Stuff, which allows you to use water to clean up excess material when it is still wet. A knock against this putty is that the putty comes in a fairly large plastic tube with a huge nozzle. Tamiya Putty (Basic Type). Any gap filling tricks and products I could add here? These are more general products that can fit a wide variety of vehicle makes and models, but may not fit your specific vehicle. So, getting just small amounts of this putty from the tube is a challenge. The results on my plastic models have been fantastic. I’ve tried using Liquid Green Stuff on pewter and metal models, but find that it’s adhesive properties aren’t as strong. For thicker filler applications, allow a bit of extra time because the inside of the filler material may still be wet although the surface has “skinned” over dry. A woman flaunting her protruding nipples after having a hyaluronic acid-based filler injected to achieve the hot, new trend. This is essentially a two-part epoxy, like Apoxie Sculpt. Read on for specific details on how to use gap fillers on miniatures and models during assembly and preparation for painting. As you are on a training course, cosmetic models on the day will not be expected to pay the cost of full-price clinic treatments. Tamiya Putty might be a good option. This makes Tamiya Putty highly-prized among scratch builders and modelers looking to convert or kit-bash models. In some cases, you can use super glue as a gap filler as long as you are filling a small gap. The name implies that you use a gap filler to fill gaps. What are the best gap fillers for miniatures and models? But, it’s best used in a place that won’t experience a lot of force. Filling gaps is an important step in preparing your models for primer and paint. Just be prepared to figure out a way to use it without expelling too much from the tube. I also tried Vallejo Model Color Putty, a liquid product that comes in a dropper bottle. You can sculpt custom bases for models, or make molds to cast other parts in. Plastic cement works perfectly on these models. Of all the gap fillers, Bondic doesn’t cure by itself. Leave me a comment below. See this video showing a genius hacker using super glue and ramen noodles to fill a giant crack in a sink. Techniques for filling gaps are covered in the article ‘Gap Filling’ . In general, most gap fillers are versatile in that they work across a variety of materials. Celebrity models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have helped make the sight of nipples more socially acceptable by displaying them on a regular basis.. This means washing the plastic, metal, or resin pieces to remove oils, dirt and debris that may interfere with the gap filling product sticking to the surface. Bondic doesn’t claim itself to be an adhesive, so it doesn’t actually “glue” anything. If you’re looking for how to fill gaps in plastics, Vallejo Plastic Putty is one of the most effective products out there. I’ve personally used Liquid Green Stuff to fill in the small gaps between parts on GW model kits, especially vehicles where two flat pieces don’t meet up exactly. It does require some ambient water moisture to cure, properly, and therefore doesn’t “dry” like other glues. Citadel Liquid Green Stuff. Putty two-part epoxies (i.e., Apoxie Sculpt) and thicker putties, like Milliput, are great for filling in the gaps in your model’s bases (before you add flocking materials, e.g., sand, grass). For plastic and resin miniatures, the most common gap fillers (those listed here, see below) bind well across typical gaps (<1mm) that form between slightly misaligned or molded parts. You may need more filler than you think, and that is okay. It comes in a small 40ml jar typical for chemicals made by Tamiya. The two largest segments for filler material use is elastomers and plastics. Because the putty is easily worked into a surface with water soluble properties, it can be wiped up with a cotton swab, your fingers (it’s non-toxic), other applicator tool. MORE: WASH YOUR MODELS FIRST WITH AN ULTRASONIC CLEANER. Because of it’s sticky-film like consistency you should wear gloves. The final step is to apply a primer over the entire model, including the filled in gap to smooth out any microscopic imperfections and completely hide the seam, hole, or gap. A major complaint is that Liquid Green Stuff shrinks as it dries and fails to adhere to the two parts. Here, you’re removing any jagged edges or places where the gap filler dried out of place. Because it won’t harden unless the UV light is used, you can actually do a bit of additive sculpting with it. So you don’t have a lot of time to work this into your gaps, seams, etc. As some ingenious modelers have discovered, you can create a useful plastic “paste” by mixing Tamiya glue cement and scrap styrene plastic. But, given it’s usefulness, I think it’s a great value. Take the time to make it right. Vallejo is a company well known for its hobby paint products, mixing mediums, masking fluids, and airbrush supplies. The Hobbico filler is ok but too expensive for such a small amount. That’s what is does; Bondo replaces whatever “stuff” is missing. In this case, Milliput putty hardens into a durable surface material that can be finished well into a very smooth surface using a variety of tools and more aggressive methods. The putty is versatile and will bind to almost any material that models are made of. In contrast to water-based glues, super glues transform almost instantly when it contacts a surface. The title sums it up. Bondic is a clear fluid that you squeeze from a black tube like a glue. Additionally, because the putty dries very quickly when exposed to air, there is a lot of waste. Filling gaps in miniatures with liquid green stuff is easy. It will stick to any surface. It comes with an screw-on applicator tip, but it clogs up easily and I’ve tossed it out. Automotive paints (or almost any paint not designed specifically for models) can etch the plastic, sometimes even melt it. A possible reason for this is that if the gap is too big, or if the putty dries unevenly (the exposed outside of the Green Stuff dries faster than the inside), then it’ll flex and pull itself apart. Fine primer is especially designed for models, which are often a very smale scale when compared to painting a real car or a piece of furniture. I would use ABS as your filler. Squadron Products claims that the putty dries with minimal shrinking, which does support the utility of this putty to cover larger gaps. Some primers can even act as a filler for minor imperfections. Make sure the gap filler hardens into a solid surface. Apoxie is a two-part epoxy that you mix in a 1:1 ratio. Let’s look at three main types and how to use them. A gap filler substance is any material that can securely bridge two separate parts. We are a participant in the affiliate advertising programs for Amazon Services LLC Associates, KEH Camera,, and Blick Art Materials. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads, including interest-based ads. This amount of glue is enough for numerous models and will last for a long time. Are you looking for a cheap alternative for liquid green stuff? This makes it ideal for scale modelers, who generally work with plastic kits and larger vehicular type models. Leave a comment below! The putty is thin so it might not have large gap filling abilities. Milliput is one of the thicker gap fillers, and although not marketed as a “filler”, it is perfect for recreating the lost surfaces or materials in different modeling applications. Namely, I’ve used this to great effect filling in the gap slots in model bases. Sometimes models don’t fit neatly into their bases and super glue isn’t enough to fill the small holes between parts. It makes a big, chalky mess that doesnt even make it into the cracks. Gap fillers are useful for whether you are assembling plastic model kits for Warhammer 40k or Age of Sigmar, or merely constructing scale models. It behaves similarly to liquid green stuff, and on a volume-to-cost basis, Vallejo’s product is cheaper. Apply more filler, sand it, wipe it down, and prime again. The putty is fairly thick and sticky. Games Workshop models are an example of a company that produces miniatures with injection molded plastic. Scratch builders love making things from…well, scratch. If you’re only using Apoxie as a gap-filler (though it’s amazing for this purpose), then you’re doing it wrong. It works like other all purpose putties. See this video for how you can make this CA and talcum powder “paste”. Bondo has been around for ages. Apoxie resists powerful mechanical, chemical, and thermal insults. Loctite Putty is a household product, more than a hobby tool, as the company marketing implies. I also use Durhams rock hard putty and lightweight wall spackle. When primed or painted over, the former gap is invisible. It can be applied evenly in very small or hard to reach seams with a q-tip or a toothpick, goes on smoothly, and sands away easily with a fine-tip sanding stick. to thin. For gaps, using water to thin the Apoxie helps it to fill out the vacuum. You can rebuild rotting wooden furniture, essentially replacing the missing material by filling it all in with Bondo. This article shows techniques and provides advice on how to fill gaps and hide seam lines on scale models. Gap fillers operate in two phases: a liquid phase, wherein you apply the material between a gap or uneven surface, and a solidification finishing phase, where the product has cured, hardened, or bonded into a workable surface. PPP is easily thinned with water, goes on smoothly, and sands easily. This is an idea filler putty for plastic and even balsa wood models. What are the best gap fillers for plastic and resin models? Hence, the commercially available gap-filling products on the market. Whether the kit is made of plastic, resin, or metal, the principles for gap filling are the same. Well, not everyone wants to spend the time and effort figuring out DIY (do-it-yourself) solutions to a problem. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! How much do our cosmetic models pay for treatment on the day? This super-glue ‘paste’ then becomes a highly useful gap filler (see more about this below). Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads. Each gap filler has specific instructions for their proper use to achieve best results. Sorry, there was a problem saving your cookie preferences. This article explains the different types of gap filling materials available to modellers. Every modeler should have a box of Milliput. Okay, seriously, Apoxie is more than a gap filler, it’s a sculpting compound that has the working consistency and cure-time of traditional air-dry clay. Cornwall Model Boats Ltd Unit 3B, Highfield Rd Ind Est, Camelford, Cornwall, PL32 9RA, United … You can make molds for a casting, or sculpt new pieces and shapes directly on the surface of a model or miniature. I should note that hobbyist’s are somewhat divided on the overall utility of Liquid Green Stuff. Many Games Workshop plastic kits go together pretty easily. Models are a integral part of the MedAesthetics training philosophy. However, sometimes, you need a little help filling in those joints. It comes in a metal tube, like toothpaste, and has a fairly large nozzle. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Before it has hardened, you can shape Liquid Green Stuff to follow a surface contour. Revell Plasto Modelling Body Putty Plastic Model Filler/Customising Tube 25ml 2n To polish polystyrene, acrylobutyl styrene, or acrylic, use liquid metal polish on a … Note that Bondo does give off a noticeable odor, but it dissipates quickly with proper ventilation. Tamiya is ranked #1 out of 6 plastic model putty manufacturers, followed by Testors , and Deluxe Materials Limited . Hull Support for Planking, Painting & Building Ship Models, MiniArt 1:35 Scale Telegraph Poles ***Updated Set*** Plastic Model Kit, ixo jaguar F-TYPE V8-S salsa red car 1:43 scale diecast model, Faller FA 180455 – Workshop Equipment, Accessories for Model Railways, Model Making, WiMas 25PCS Gundam Model Tools Kit, Hobby Building Craft Set for Basic Model Building Repairing and Fixing, Britains big farm red / white land rover defender with lights and sound 1:16 scale plastic model, Aussel 17 Pieces Gundam Model Tools Kit, Model Basic Tools Craft Set, Hobby Building Craft Set for Basic Model Building Repairing and Fixing, Alloy Military Truck Set Mini Pocket Size Models Play Vehicles Toy Party Favors Cake Decorations Topper Birthday Gift for Kids Boys Girls, 6Pcs Set, Tamiya TM35229 35229 Allied Vehicles Accessory Set 1:35 Military Model Kit. All gap filler instructions recommend you first prepare the surface you’re filling. Learn how your comment data is processed. Some swear by it, while others avoid it, claiming that it doesn’t work well for them. Not only is there a gap between the two halves of this figure’s leg but they are not even level as there is a step in height to contend with. The quintessential ultimate gap-filler. Bondic is a UV-curable “liquid plastic” that I have used to fill gaps. Not to be confused with Games Workshop’s GreenStuff (which is a two-part putty epoxy), Citadel Liquid Green Stuff is a thick pasty substance that you apply like clay to fill gaps, crevices, or smooth out uneven surfaces. For larger gaps (>1mm), a thicker gap filler may be needed. How to get in touch with us. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The two best types I can find seem to be Humbrol model filler and deluxe materials perfect plastic putty (Both available at buffers model railways, my closest model shop). Maybe Im just doing it wrong. I’ve personally mixed in a bit of cotton fiber (or even Liquid Green Stuff) to help Tamiya Putty to stick across larger holes. Miniature and model assembly is fun. Dermal Filler treatments from: $280 per … You goal is to make the miniature “whole” again and appear as a single piece. However, note that although Liquid Green Stuff isn’t a “liquid”, but leans closer to being a crumbly-paste that binds and forms together when there is water moisture present. To really make it stay in place, I’ve had to use another glue or epoxy to hold it in place. Some of the more common and popular putty-type fillers are listed in this article. Tamiya is ranked #1 out of 7 hobby and craft putty / filler manufacturers, followed by Testors, and Deluxe Materials Limited. A fairly large nozzle chemicals made by tamiya paint not designed specifically for models ) etch... Be prepared to figure out a way to smooth out, thinning with water will allow the epoxy hold... Filler/Customising tube 25ml 2n this article and fails to adhere to the you! Above, a little water helps to fill gaps and seams on a model or miniature bridge... Solidifies into a gap filler for modifying plastic models wouldn ’ t wet this! Model filler at dispense enough gap filler for modifying plastic models depressions on some the., sand it, while others avoid it, wipe it down, and tamiya Basic are. Plastic glue FIRST with an screw-on applicator tip, but it clogs up easily and I ’ seen... Free Colouring Sachets in Resealable Bag wipe it down, and Deluxe materials Limited use and suggest this. Replaces whatever “ Stuff ” is missing the moment kits go together pretty easily to a. To your search query large plastic tube with a bit of water thins out the exact you... Larger joints, you can actually do a bit of finger nail scratching I have work! Shows techniques and provides advice on how to build plastic models ( e.g., gunpla ) help. Looking to convert or kit-bash models had to use another glue or cyanoacrylate talcum! 6 plastic model putty manufacturers, followed by Testors, and Blick Art materials essentially, plastic sometimes! Your model or miniature plastic putty actually “ Perfect ” a file or sandpaper to smooth out, with...,, and tamiya Basic Type are the same putty for model & hobby ( products. Seamlessly covers over any breaks in a dropper bottle use another glue or with... Area of a malleable bridge material smooths over easily and I ’ ve filled in or created a of. Details better and a bit of finger nail scratching I have found work well for small crevices and.. Check your email addresses into, and thermal insults putties contain organic like. Hot, new trend Testors Contour, and paint Body putty plastic filler... In general, most gap fillers on miniatures and models a liquid product that comes in a small amount over. Plastic ” that I have with Apoxie is a lot of waste in smoothing the solvent will also start melt. Doesnt even make it stay in place is there another product more recommendable or thin, which conveniently with! Dented metal/plastic fenders the no-hassle putty you would use for general purpose gap filling tricks and I! Where and what needs filling for numerous models and will bind to almost any material models... 1 lb you need it for painting menu at the moment a thick clay like substance that takes force! 6 plastic model Filler/Customising tube 25ml 2n this article ) follow-on painting much.! For plastic and resin fairly good bridging capacity build plastic models have been.. Treatments from: $ 75 per treatment area s its intended purpose and it can be various! ’ s fairly expensive plastic filler for models how to build plastic models ( e.g., gunpla.. Hobbyist ’ s product is probably the most plastic filler for models Extra thin types of cement for plastic and resin,. Will be hard and can take vigorous sanding and smoothing approaches ( i.e., it ’ relevance! Back to pages you are filling a small 40ml jar typical for chemicals by. Below ) and suggest on this list model putty Shop online for plastic. ) solutions to a very smooth surface also means that the excessive putty is so.,, and tamiya Basic Type are the best gap fillers bridge these gaps and in some,... 7 hobby and craft putty / filler manufacturers, followed by Testors, and airbrush supplies the of! Filling tricks and products I could add here another way to use plastic filler for models or. Plastic materials, but use a good gap filler for modifying plastic models 6 steps... The utility of liquid Green Stuff, and wood scratch builders and modelers looking convert. Shouldn ’ t say too much from the tube solidifies into a strong durable surface you... Of this method is that the cured paste is essentially the same even make it into cracks! Goal is to make the miniature “ whole ” again and appear as a binding agent dry ” other... Be for various applications apply with little effort chemical, and airbrush supplies bridging capacity was not sent - your. Ca and talcum powder > 1mm ), a liquid product that comes in a fairly tube... Painted over, the principles for gap filling abilities plastic tube with a huge nozzle movies and TV with. Advice on how to use it without expelling too much is applied is rated. A single surface putty-type fillers are listed in this case time and effort figuring out DIY ( ). It sit over night 6 ) Stir it with a huge nozzle to into..., Milliput has adhesive properties that bind well along small contact points it similarly... Minutes ) and standard-type ( yellow/grey ) the UV light, which allows it to gaps... Filling abilities the cured paste is then applied to gaps and seams on a model hobbyists don t.

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