Guinea pigs can eat young dock leaves but they are not safe for guinea pigs to eat when they are seeding or after seeding. Feeder pigs can not be overfed, they will stop eating when they are full. So, they can eat coriander, parsley, oregano, daisy, thyme, celery leaves, strawberry leaves, grape leaves, cherry leaves, walnut leaves, and bamboo leaves. Can Kune Kune Pigs Eat Fruit? Census workers say they were told to enter false data Guinea pigs can eat no more than a slice of nectarine once a week or so on as it contains high sugar. He is pretty spoiled he lives in my house and sleeps in my bed and has his own chair at da dinner table. What is available to you as your natural diet? Pigs should never have pig weed (type of Grass) chocolate and they can eat pork but please do not! The list is actually fairly long! Your feeders will eat what they need/want for the day then stop when they are satisfied. When you harvest grass to feed to your guinea pigs you need to make sure it is safe. This means they eat all kinds of things. Since we feed our Kunekunes table scraps they often get fruit. As a genuine pig owner, the question might come in your mind whether your guinea pig can also eat fruit or not. Pigs are omnivores and can eat almost any kind of food, but that does not mean all kinds of foods are healthy for them. The best way to feed chocolates to pigs is to give them as an occasional treat and not in excess. Rabbit food contains some antibiotics that can be harmful to the guinea pigs which is a very big problem. Also, potatoes contain complex carbohydrates, which are not good for a guinea pig’s digestive system. Not only the fruit of a pumpkin is edible, but some parts of the plant are delicious as well! It should makeup about 75% of their daily diet. What I have heard is that if people can eat it, pigs can eat it. Pigs do not have sweat glands, so they cool themselves by using water or mud. Like penicillin is an antibiotic which when goes into your guinea pigs’ mouth even can lead to their death. A diet is the combination of foods that a pig eats to stay healthy and grow. Any pig can eat somebody, pigs even the so-called micros are furnished with sharp teeth and jaws that can crush bone. You start having pigs that can’t support their weight, eat their young, keel over from a heart attack, won’t put on weight, etc and it won’t take long to go broke and be out of the business. The thing is that some of them actually have a very good amount of vitamin c, but their other content is just not good for them. Overfeeding your growing pigs, like feeder pigs, is not a problem to worry about. The leaves usually first appear in spring but they are high in oxalic acid so dock leaves shouldn’t be fed in large quantities to guinea pigs. They can eat vegetables, fruit and even bugs. Can guinea pigs eat dry cereals? If your guinea pig is not eating or pooping, then it clearly indicates there is a blockage of poop in their gut, or the gut movement have slowed down. My pig does not like citrus peels he luv green apples! Kings and queens including Chinese royalty, as stated before, and European royalty as well. Pigs like to eat things, well, pigs like to eat EVERYTHING. Pugs have a history of being a dog of royalty. Guinea pigs should always have unlimited access to a quality timothy hay. I would stay away from anything moldy spoiled I feed my pig fresh everything he even has his own section in da garden. (trash, walls, carpet) 2, they don't understand that something may not be good for them or potentially toxic or dangerous for them to eat. Not … Nuts, seeds and grains are commonly found in cheaper small pet treats and food mixes. Guinea pigs are herbivores, so their diet should be one based on high-quality guinea pig hay, pelleted guinea pig food and limited amounts of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. If they are given sufficient space, pigs are careful not to soil the areas where they sleep or eat. They provide your guinea pigs with a high amount of calcium that is essential for their growth and development. Pigs are omnivores and opportunists it isn’t remarkable for pigs to eat carcass and small animal, they can also get savage , I have seen pigs go after another field when they had prolapse rectum (a typical issue in pig) where they ate him the backside forward. Belonging to many kings and queens of the past. Guinea pig diet: A complete A-Z of what guinea pigs can eat! What Can Pugs Not Eat; History. Breeding stock pigs can easily be overfed. Essential Vitamins and Minerals They Need. Remove the pit of the nectarine before serving it to your guinea pigs as it contains traces of cyanide. If you didn’t know, the gastrointestinal system of a pig is very much similar to that of humans. That’s why they bathe in water … They eat humans!—and each other. She was eaten alive, and her remains were found in the pen. The two most important vitamins guinea pigs need in their diet are vitamin C and calcium. So, can guinea pigs eat meat? I have never seen them not eat fruit when given to them. What Fruits Can Guinea Pigs Not Eat? A balanced diet for a pig is one that doesn’t make it gain weight and is made mainly from commercial food pellets and healthy greens. Pigs eat almost any kind of food, including dead insects, worms, trees, bark, garbage and even dead pigs. While fruits and vegetables for the most part are good for humans, this is not necessarily true for guinea pigs. They eat humans!—and each other. « Reply #12 on: August 12, 2010, 05:53:26 pm » I suppose its a matter of taste, Hilary has been known to help herself from the tree, although we are having to protect the smaller trees as she debarks if left unsupervised. Good question! What parts of a pumpkin can guinea pigs eat? What do pigs eat? Red has the highest vitamin C concentration) Carrots - both the root and the green tops are perfectly safe for your guinea pig. If you’re unsure it is best to not pick them at all. Re: what can pigs eat - or not??? Pigs are omnivores. Not meat – you don’t hunt prey. Humans are omnivores too. Guinea pigs are strictly herbivores – they should consume and thrive on a diet of plant and vegetable matter. This not only helps them keep their teeth healthy and worn down, it also provides them with vital nutrients and dietary fiber. And forget the silly saying “sweating like a pig”—pigs can’t even sweat! If you’re wondering what human food guinea pigs can eat, the answer is not cut and dried. Yes, pigs can eat chocolates and it is completely safe for them. What foods or plants can they not eat? Well, not regularly anyway. Can guinea pig eat Olives? Kune Kune pigs will eat all kinds of fruit including strawberries, banana peels, apples and peels, oranges, berries, apricots, peaches, and pears. Consider giving it as an occasional treat. I just pull up weeds and toss them in the pen. Pigs eat garbage, dung, whatever they can get. Pumpkin stems are great for your cavies. No, guinea pigs cannot eat meat. We can eat plants and animals. Jul 31, 2012 #3 drdoolittle True BYH Addict. Facts About Pigs. It is a popular myth that our domesticated Guinea Pigs has still an instinct of what they can eat or not because they are not in the wild for generations and see only food we gave them. An imbalance in nutrition can cause chronic diarrhea, obesity and diseases of the heart, liver or kidneys. Fruits & Vegetables That They CAN Eat: Red Pepper (or green/yellow pepper. If you’re wondering what not to feed your guinea pig, here are the primary guinea pig foods to avoid: Nuts and Seeds. So now you know what pigs eat! Pigs are omnivores, so they are likely to eat nearly everything that comes their way, but that does not mean they should. Think like a guinea pig! Are you curious to know what fruits guinea pigs can eat? Feeder pigs will not over eat feed. I am hoping that some of the people that have a great knowledge of pigs answers though as, I would like to see what they say. Here is a list of those that they shouldn’t eat. Guinea pigs should not eat potatoes because they contain alkaloids, a class of naturally occurring toxins that can harm the health of your guinea pig. Pot-bellied pigs will eat a variety of foods but that doesn't mean anything goes. And a year prior, a 2-year-old toddler from China was eaten when he wandered into a hog enclosure. Guinea pig not eating or pooping. Yes, they can eat fresh olives, although it doesn't contribute much towards their nutrition. They mainly eat leaves, grass, roots, fruits and flowers. It’s a fact: Pigs eat people. Foods or food scraps/food waste that contain or have come into contact with meat or meat products are known as 'prohibited pig feed' or 'swill'. I have also heard that pigs will not eat what they know is poisonous to them. This is problematic for a few reasons. In the wild, they forage for their food. You can find almost anything on this detailed list with an answer if they can eat it or not (a detailed explanation is included for each food). Apples - just make sure they don't have any seeds. Can my guinea pig eat unlimited pellets? Farmers have to know a lot about pigs to make a healthy pig diet. What can guinea pigs not eat? Fruit can be given in moderation as treats. 1, they tend to eat things that we wouldn't normally feed them. However, that doesn’t mean that they are healthy for guinea pigs! In 2019, a Russian woman fell into an epileptic emergency while feeding her hogs. No! Guinea Pig Care: What Can Guinea Pigs Eat. Fruit should not make up the majority of their diet but should also include grains and grasses. And this is what we see again and again: They eat what is provided. We have discussed cereal grains, tuber foods that are used for pig feed formulation, so also high protein sources in the past.. Let’s discuss fruits and vegetables pigs can eat, and those that are dangerous to their health. Thus, our today post is all about genuine pigs and fruits. 4. Guinea pigs can also eat a lot of herbs and leaves. Although it is safe for pigs to eat chocolates, we don’t suggest keeping them on a high carb and high sugar diet. 3, pigs tend to swallow without doing much chewing. But not at all uncommon. If they have a nibble at them, they won’t hurt them but nothing more than once or twice a month at the most, if that. Some pig owners may not be aware that feeding meat and meat products to pigs is illegal in Australia because it could introduce devastating diseases to pigs and other livestock. So, you can see the seriousness of the situation for not allowing your guinea pigs to eat rabbit food. For every food we have a separate article where we explain health benefits, risks of guinea pig eating that food, nutritional facts, serving sizes … They also have many health conditions that are passed down to them from their predecessors, just like royalty. And they eat poisonous houseplant if they can too. This applies to all types of pigs including pet pigs. Broccoli (in moderation since it can be gassy and cause a gas pain) Green beans & Many More Pigs Prefer Mud, Not Crud Pigs are actually very clean animals. In 2015, a Romanian farmer died of blood loss after being attacked by his hogs. There can be a lot of reasons behind the same. 15 Things Guinea Pigs Should Never Eat There is one really easy first step when considering if you can share something with your guinea pig. If they do not have an areas where they can graze safely (for example, free roaming in a safe enclosure), then offering cut grass is another alternative (however, they should not be fed lawn trimmings, as these can cause digestive upsets). You are looking around for nom noms. Here's what your pot-bellied pig should and should not eat. It is quite possible that they lost their instinct too much or completly. After all, fruits are packed with vitamins and fiber, and it is excellent for us. Guinea pigs do not have a digestive system equipped to handle meat, and to be able to break it down and extract the nutrients from it.

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