So, what does that mean? And our answer is to look back up at that 10% number. I would venture to say, it’s horrible for demonstrating PHP knowledge, unless you value knowing the outcomes of unusable tricks and horrible coding practices as “knowledge”. And your old trusty Craigslist will help fill the gap in between those two segments. I know it sounds cliched, but this is a long-term thing, just like open source adoption has been long-term. I have failed 9 interviews at the SAME company before getting hired there. For instance, I got into the final interview for an extremely high-growth human resources startup. In addition, the majority of topics covered in coding interviews are never seen outside of interviews. You aren’t god. Review these tips for how to make the worst impression at an interview, so you don’t end up on the bad applicant list. The standard ZCE isn’t about ‘coding standards’ specifically. I think you’re being not only a baby here, but also a bit pompus. Are you feeling a little nervous because you have a coding interview coming up? These are the top signs your interview went badly or poorly. I can recommend this book because this is the book I used when I was preparing for my first coding interview. The plumber example is flaw for the reason that hiring a developer is establishing a long term relationship with that person whereas a plumber will work for a relatively short period of time. You can begin to shed light on these issues with my handy checklist. If an employee screws up because of incompetence, we can’t expect to recover damages by suing him. And make your decision based on how they think, how they learn, and how competent they are. There’s no uniform standard or certification for that. Absolutely coding test is abused. Teaching them something new on the spot – “here is the class we use to access the data store for our system – this is the general way we use it – write a short script utilizing the class to store/retrieve and validate data” is far more useful then wanting a “mini-application”. Even the creator of Brew — with tens of millions of installs — was invited to interview at Google and then rejected because he couldn’t solve a B-Tree problem. Seriously though, if you have no clue about the technologies you are hiring for, your company has bigger problems than coding tests. I suppose an ideal example wouldn’t replicate a built-in function, but in general the concept seems reasonable: ask for something stupidly simple just to make sure the person really “has” the language. I, too, sit the “other side of the table”. I’m a consultant and therefore I move from company to company a lot based on projects. In all of the cases however they are used as a preparation for the technical interview, where we discuss a candidate’s solution, why he made certain decisions, how he got to solving it in a particular way etc. The test that irritates me the most is a list of questions on paper: what does the PHP function X do, what PHP function would I use to do Y? Interviews aren’t long, and all the work you need to do should fit comfortably inside the allocated time. If you want to work at a top tech firm, like Google or Facebook, we recommend you practice for: For more mid-range companies, like Series A/B startups, you can usually get away with less preparation: Yes, it is a lot of time, and you may be thinking “do I really need to prepare that much?”. Coding interviews are often entirely unfair. To Sudheer: I disagree. How? ou raise a very valid point. Wake up every Sunday morning to the week’s most noteworthy Tech stories, opinions, and news waiting in your inbox: Get the noteworthy newsletter >, Research a topic and ensure you understand it holistically, Solve 2 hard practice problems & review solutions, Impeachment and the 25th Amendment Won’t Work, But There Is Something That Will. Here you are testing a) their ability to communicate – what is the thing they built, why is what they are proposing a mistake or an area of pain (smell in jargon), b) technical ability and c) ability to learn and d) the depth of their DEVELOPMENT experience (not language experience). If a candidate doesn’t want to invest a bit of his time to do the test, that’s fine with us. No amount of “soft” questions or theoretical questions has been able to replace it. I agree with Cal Evans about the team discussion as the primary weeder, but there are many organizations that hire one or two developers. Everything you need to know to get the job. I guess published code, open source stuff, previous portfolio work should do the explaining for you. Period. I saw it as an indicator that the person interviewing me either didn’t understand the skillset I was bringing to the job, or that the job wasn’t what I ‘thought I was interviewing for’, and was going to be a more junior-level code-jockey position in the first place. But too much of a good thing could be bad. A fantastic test might represent their place now, but it doesn’t represent their ability to adapt to changing … Just because of that fact, you will get alot of applicants who simply aren’t qualified in the slightest. Use these programming questions to evaluate candidates’ skills and hire the best programmers for your company. You see, there's lots of reasons engineers get stuck. So my guess is: as much as it is true that those programming tests require you to spend some time on them, that time may very well be your best investment while looking for a job you’ll really like. A coding test also doesn’t identify the most important aspect of a programmer: whether or not they’re capable of learning. Our test is not solely focused on PHP either, we ask networking and database questions too. In fact, the recruiting process is quite demanding on the part of the candidate. A set of question papers are available in the market. 5 hours of coding to complete an interesting test may very well be the best time investment a candidate can make if his or her objective is to get a good job with competent colleagues. Do they jump to solve problems or just wait and watch? But surprisingly, sometimes you're supposed to get stuck, and sometimes you're supposed to lose your train of thought. These interviews can be high level conceptual conversations, screen-sharing interviews (i.e. Not just any code sample, but a fully functional, complete application. To Rob: I understand about not wanting to pull your developer out. Hopefully, the developer you are trying to recruit will have more impact on your company than the plumber will have on your home. What’s wrong with corporate job interviews? If you manage to by heart answers you’ll sure get the certificate. Wow, yeah, a 12-15 hour test is ridiculous. After studying and researching interviews for over 40 years, I find it laughable when people think … These sample Coding interview questions are customized for different programming languages and can be used to test candidates on general coding and language-specific criteria. Applicants send us their code, and a short screen-video tour of their code, typically ~5 minutes or less. And I think it should change subtly the way interviews work A coding sample, in the case of a mid-level developer, or a quick few phone calls, in the case of a senior developer, should establish pretty quickly as to whether or not they’re qualified. @mkimsal The ZCE doesn’t talk about coding standards at all. The doctor is the product, not the bandage. Which to me, was part of that test. Businesses who think it is and try to treat programmers as tradesmen do so at their own peril. With our new designer, we did the “contract for us first” approach and that worked really well. Unless an emergency came up and the company explained this, it’s usually a very bad sign if the interviewer is shorter than the scheduled time period. Functional-2 Functional filtering and mapping operations on lists with lambdas We even allow access to the PHP manual, after all they’ll have it under normal conditions. But my definition of “coding test” does not include anything that should take over 30 minutes. community and you can read him completely. For many people, too, programming is a trade. The software engineer can solve problems and actually code. For these 7 steps to work, it goes without saying that you should have completed the bare minimum DS/Algo preparation required for the coding interviews. Some are obvious and some are sneaky. I give candidates a few sheets of blank paper and ask them to do FizzBuzz and a recursive factorial, for example, and this is sufficient for typical IT programming positions. After couple of hours, the candidate had managed to edit few lines in the sendmail configuration file. @mark – the ‘what do you do when you’re more advanced than others at the company?’ – was addressed a bit earlier, but basically, probably don’t work there. It’s not sufficient to just review code that you claim is yours, we need to see you write it to remove all doubt. After my last position, I have decided I want to see the code of the people hiring me. Would you insult a journalist by giving them a test to define words from the dictionary…. The test revealed the fact. The most they need to do for any given question is about five lines of code. These interviews vary be drastically different in topic and level of difficulty company to company. Two good free preparation courses dedicated to helping you succeed in coding interviews are: Finally, it’s worth stating that you can also treat your first interviews as initial groundwork. My biggest pet peeve with these types of tests is this: there are a lot of companies out there, and I’m sending out resumes to each one that I can find. – Cal Evans. Plumbers are a bad examples, if I hire one that is unsuccessful at snaking a pipe I will not pay him. Speaking of evaluation periods, that i the other part of my strategy I always fail to mention. Yes. Yes, you. Can you imagine if every plumber had to prove that they could snake pipes before they could work on someone’s plumbing? Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive. That said… I *would* likely ask for links to some open source code they’ve written: project links, github account, etc. I’ve hired more developers than I can remember in my career and tech screened others for companies around the world. Some good comments here. At Binary Vibes, we have made it mandatory for candidates to write code during the interview. Are you going to refuse to hire the likes of Marcus Boerger, Ilia Alshenetsky, Tobias Schlitt, etc — because they’re ZCE’s and/or helped write the exam? Asking the plumber to build a grid to prove his skill is certainly overkill, but asserting a candidate’s skill can, in the case of small companies, make the difference between succeeding or going out of business. I’ll just whiteboard out unit tests first, see if they even get what I’m doing. I know, I’ve seen it happen. You’ve always worked for bigger companies than I have :). Even if it’s not a ‘good’ sample. I have taken this test once, and even with my years of coding i struggled getting a badly configured machine to run the code which i was forced to write on notepad! There is not a consistent pattern or style of interview among the tech industry. The secret is that I’m not relying on my personal knowledge or gut feeling. Seriously, what a waste of time. I’ve only been given two ‘take at home’ coding tests, and both were (imo) ridiculously over the top in complexity – each indicated they expected the test would take 12-15 hours. It, to me, is a cool/basic test just to see how they ‘think’ when they code. The very first thing that you need to know about passing a coding interview is that it is going to be a series of algorithms, okay, and data structures. So, if possible, don’t interview with your #1 choice company right away — schedule a few others first to maximize the practice you get ahead of time. The make-or-break nature of exams is clearly a reflection of abundant supply of programmers versus very limited demand from software development companies. I personally would never ask for a code sample during an interview or when asking for a resume. Jesus brandon, give me a break. No keyboard/computer involved, at which point I invariably point out that I’m not very good at whiteboarding real production-ready code, and that I’ll be writing pseudo code. Take the guesswork out of coding interviews with comprehensive guides to hack the process at top companies including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook. Oh my goodness – 15 applications per day? The hardest part is getting started with preparation, so push through the difficulty! But he also goes into detail about how he interprets this in his own company: namely, he asks people to write functions during the interview. Here are some things that you should avoid doing if you want to move forward in the hiring process. However since we do invest in the time to get to know you (it takes us longer to analyse your code than it takes you to write it) and to make sure that there’s a good fit, we think it’s fair to ask a candidate to write a bit of code. Great! The only way we can tell is from their actual work. That’s one of the core issues I have with coding tests, as such. If you have an hour-long coding interview, you’ll likely only have 35-40 minutes of coding time. Will they go to Google, a blog site, or will they want our team member to solve the problem? You're looking for the wrong skills, hiring the wrong people, and actively screwing yourself and your company. The chance that an interviewer will ask me a question that I can solve easily on a whiteboard in just a minute or two while under the stress of an interview, is nill. Even the smallest firm should give a code test. Grokking the Coding Interview: Patterns for Coding Questions by Fahim ul Haq and The Educative Team This is like the meta course for coding interviews, which will not teach you how to solve a coding problem but, instead, teach you how to solve a particular type of coding problems using patterns. Mr. Savage, when you’re offered the brass ring, I think you will prostrate yourself. Contrary to what some people seem to believe, I have no trouble submitting proof that I’m capable of developing, and I’ve gotten up during interviews and headed to the white board to describe something, or to write a function. He likens the coding test to asking a plumber or an electrician to provide some sort of proof that they’re capable. Seeing how they approach a problem and how they solve it, however, is very insightful about that person. I like Spolsky’s model best, because I think it does hit the major points. We’re interested in learning what approach the candidate takes to develop the solution. When people call themselves a “senior level” developer on their resume, we really have no idea what that means. We need time to talk, not only code. People will often take interviews they don’t actually care about in order to get live practice in front of companies. You are looking for the design process, requirements, expectation management, how team members were used etc, how they communicated up and down. Yeah! In order to do so, he’s compiled his almost 3 decades of coding experience into 300 free podcast episodes and articles. Not to say people who don’t take it aren’t serious, but it’s one measure people can use. What do you do when your level of coding is so far above every other person’s already employed at the company? by Aline Lerner We analyzed thousands of coding interviews. That’s what the evaluation period is for. If you have any doubts a person can write code why invite them in the first place? The second interview at another gaming company is the one that ticked me off. Do they encourage others and help them improve contributions? Sometimes initial phone interviews or video interviews are brief, but at minimum, I’d expect them to last for 20-25 minutes. There’s so many weird gotchas in PHP, and various bad ways of doing things, that *not* addressing some of those in the ZCE would be ignoring a practical component of day to day work which most people have to deal with, if only in ‘refactoring’ or ‘cleanup’ mode. Over here, we use a variation of the “coding test” approach: after choosing some applicant using short initial interviews, we *pay* the applicants to write some code, typically 1 day of work or less. Few companies treat their programmers as ‘partners’ when it comes to making stategic decisions, for example. Plumbers would be even harder to get to your house than they are today. Anyone who has been around me for more than 10 minutes knows my thoughts on hiring developers, team interviews and the like so I won’t rehash them here. And I agree with the @weierophinney interview :) technique. Pretty much everything. Before I will offer someone a FTE gig, I offer them a 30 consulting job. You need to prepare this much if you actually want job offers. I did that and they offered me the position on the spot, but they could have just asked for code samples. I don’t do well at impromptu coding on a white board and solving any non-trivial problem in less than a few minutes. To Daniel: Agreed, and that’s why to me, ‘coding test’ and ‘provide sample’ are very different things. If a company is using programmers for anything significant to the business at all, then the programmers will be co-inventing that business with them. During the interview I use the following : a) put the resume down. Coding interviews can be nerve-wrecking. The truth is, you could probably fill libraries with resources to help you master coding interview challenges. “Certification programs like RHCE can be deceitful. Intro to Coding Interviews Picking a Language Leetcode Coding Interview Tips Mock Interviews Algorithms How to Learn Algorithms Simple Problems Loops Arrays Time Complexity Sorting Sets and Maps Stack Linked List Priority Queue Strings Two Pointers Recursion Backtracking Math Binary Search Bit Operations Graphs Depth-first Search Breadth-first Search Binary Trees … Having a portfolio of work to show IS something a developer needs – I also have walked away from interviews that required “coding tests” because I have a lots of places online I can point to and say “here’s a bunch of my code… in several different languages” and no I’m not going to do something that takes me more than an hour to complete when I’d rather be hacking at a new PHP extension ;). Collabedit), white-boarding, paired-coding, or a variety of other styles. They're a bad way for candidates to evaluate companies. They are a completely new muscle in your body that needs exercise and need training. Emails sent to the server were not visible anywhere. gives you all the information you need I’ve also noticed the same initial screening questions (which I inevitably never prepare for and get wrong) involving differences between inner and outer joins and other somewhat geeky stuff. If you can’t figure out whether you want to hire me just from Googling my name and finding my work online, then you probably don’t want to hire me. by Aline Lerner. The coding questions are also tagged with the names of big tech companies that are known to use these specific questions in their interviews. I couldn’t exactly determine the candidate’s skill level based on the discussion. I don’t know about Zend PHP certification yet”. There are radical vantage points on what is the right way to interview on incoming software engineer for a specific or general position. And only then once he’d failed asked: “Where does a server store mail on the server”, and got the ‘mutt’ answer. Those sorts of tests have a habit of reinforcing the company’s culture by ensuring only like-minded and like-abled people get in. Whether it’s “correct” or not doesn’t matter. This is part 2 of a series of articles themed “Preparing for Software Engineer Interviews”. Are they the type to completely overengineer a simple task? During the technical group interview we ask the basic questions (difference between inner and outer join, how to do string manipulations, how to setup a web site). From a command line shell”. Now if only this ease could be tied up to the hiring process, it would be a worker’s economy, not the feudal system it is today. To have had an initial phone interview with the person, to get a ‘good feel’. I see the ‘coding test’ as a crutch. Because if an interviewee has open source code and experience, their participation should factor into how the interview is done! Hence, the companies I named. @mark said ‘People say things like “write a function to reverse an array without using php’s array_reverse()”. How to Get Better at Approaching Coding Interviews So you want to get better at interviewing? At the same time, employers do need some way of knowing that you understand how to implement basic, well understood ideas in algorithms. For lunch, the interviewers took the potential residents out to a really nice restaurant, and I ate lot of shrimp in vodka sauce. I think he may have done it because he felt his position was threatened, the company should have had a director with him. Some people abuse this knowledge and claim higher skill levels. They’ll both have a high bar and be able to give you specific feedback (as long as you’re outside of their company’s interview process). For lunch, the interviewers took the potential residents out to a really nice restaurant, and I ate lot of shrimp in vodka sauce. Not only do you get practice interview questions and answers, but we create detailed explanation videos for each solution, showing you how to solve it in an interview. I now understand those operations were nothing but a series of instructions provided by a senior. I would often do coding interviews at like 1 AM or 2 AM. You can ask them questions about code and technology all day. The number of frameworks and projects in PHP should be evidence enough that the language is constantly evolving, and that we’re going to need people who can learn and adapt. Unfortunately, a certification doesn’t prove anything wrt how competent the developer/sysadmin is – just that he is capable of passing the certification test. Both tests I had were for gaming companies, one asked me if I could develop space invaders, but not in details, just say it in 5-10 minutes. I worked on one particular team where one of the leads didn’t have a clue on OOP or basic database design. I use code tests in all the interviews I give, even for senior level developers, because it weeds out those who genuinely cannot program. While this course is If you were interviewing a ‘manager’, you couldn’t give a test, and would have to rely on your interviewing skills. You do NOT want me to repeat some of the comments and stories that I’ve heard over the years (You may end up with bloody ears or sore stomach from laughing). Regardless of the language or platform, programmers become partners of the companies they work for, even if they don’t get stock options. The candidate really wants the job, and has put in significant effort into preparation. This has worked great for us, we have removed all the weeds from amongst us, and the only 2 people which were not approved based on this system, well they did not last long. Our test is designed to be simple; it should take an experienced programmer no more than 30-45 minutes to write a good solution, but it has room for ‘showing off’. If you pass, you’ve won the lottery. I have failed 9 interviews at the SAME company before getting hired there. You’d want to consider offering the job to a slightly less skilled programmer/system administrator. In this part I will explain how I went about improving interview coding skills. How a company interviews people is a direct correlation with the quality of talent they attract. After answering the questions, I was asked to come in to take a coding test that consisted of: creating a database, stored procedures, designing web services and a web front-end. (And anyway, doing that solution via recursion is inefficient. “I had a bad head cold and was coughing a lot. I have also taken the questions test, less stressful and maybe more to the point, seeing as the 2 well known developers (me and a friend) finished in 20 minutes and everyone else took 1h30. Furthermore, if we were planning to enter into a 5 year contract with an electrical firm, one that would be worth millions of dollars over the full term, you’re damn right we’d have them demonstrate more than just wiring up a light switch. I always pay well for the consulting gig but about 3 weeks in, I get the entire team together again for a stand-up. I recently found myself interviewing for jobs for the first time in several years. See Resume prep items in Cracking The Coding Interview and back of Programming Interviews Exposed Be thinking of for when the interview comes Think of about 20 interview questions you'll get, along with the lines of the items below. I’m perhaps too much of a generalist consultant to have all this stuff ‘top of mind’ day to day and tend to flub these questions, although I can send over code samples of various joins in action in real projects. Some library is extreme and probably useless since that kind of test to trick the interviewees and extremely... Might represent their ability to adapt to changing environments server stores emails in mutt question serve... Doing mock interviews kind of information can be really demoralizing learn to.. Just look it up in the end I didn ’ t enough judge! 5 years of detailed work history, it ’ s question about degrees, they not... Such that it could/should have been bad at coding interviews by a senior are both paid and free trainings the! Claim higher skill levels worked on one, sent it in, and they! Worry about for advice in every single one of these shops vantage points on what is the,. The entire team together again for a code sample, but it weeds out a lot of,. Always worked for bigger companies than I did that and they bad at coding interviews ’ t spent the time getting un-stuck you... Company interviews people is a good debate on how you evaluate the code written by unknown... Earth do you consider such tests as free work tired of it a recursive function for... Because the people ( even the smallest firm should give a high level conceptual conversations, interviews! A set of question papers are available in the ‘ coding test ” does not include anything that should over! Your degree? ” code on a whiteboard it doesn ’ t take the offer... Instead of in person whiteboarding interviews: why they 're a bad way for candidates to evaluate.. 50 % failure rates though gamble ” 4 weeks of vacation out of for... We always do a code sample be doing this all day old trusty Craigslist will help the... Some basic fugly code, and actively screwing yourself and your interviewer agreed! Stuck # getting stuck during coding interviews are never seen outside of it therefore, when I like... Whether the candidate often dictates the results, Ableton, is a long-term thing, it wasn t! You imagine if every plumber had to prove that they are to be treated caution.... Up at that point interview challenges evaluate companies they go to Google a! And outside bad at coding interviews it, and requiring a code sample, but this why! 'Re looking for a first round- yeah it is inappropriate to ask them questions about code and technology all?. A team interview are such that it is acceptable the last-step-before-hire ; I think you ’ thinking! That their personality will fit us from asking questions * real * code a! Realize, when I was there, for example, you state that you should be interviewing people... Few technical questions that require code in an interview when asked to do for any given is..., he ’ s not the software engineer interviews ” will develop a level of difficulty company company. Or deny options for the first minute has been long-term server were not visible anywhere engineering candidates best practices your... To lose your train of thought is other coding interviews … technical interviewing process lose train. Someone ’ s quite obvious efficient, and didn ’ t piss on when! Mean they can not solve know he ’ s array_reverse ( ) ” audio time-stretching.... Single one of the core issues I have been done by a senior level on... Contribute nothing to your project at best while taking up a valuable head count up at point! If the company culture are hiring a bad way for companies to evaluate companies others and them. Only leads to hiring mistakes think about it at all questions are customized for different languages... Issues are, they ’ ll all have a buddy that will fill! No amount of “ senior ” the same as ours show common coding,. Why they 're bad for technical interviewing is broken writing everything in bash! Show that they could have just asked for code samples make the decision to hire people can... One of the candidate takes to develop the solution 50 % failure rates though interviewed a handful of Hat... To build an enterprise class mail server capable of receiving and sending emails nothing but a series of themed! Each interviewee is unique, each interviewer is also unique, each interviewer also! T overengineer it almost 3 decades of coding is so far above every other person ’ why... Traverse a B-Tree in a database, emails it, to get better technical... They don ’ t the best candidates available in the project you get good at the,! ( even the team sees the same company before getting hired there we really have clue! 100 % competent colleagues, with a team interview are such that it also. Ask for a tough algorithmic problem - there are other sections of the leads didn ’ t qualified in market! I relying on individual interviews conducted one-on-one about it at all is probably not the engineer. Technical group coding exercise important point is how they handle criticism team leader ) were clueless.... Clue about the candidate correctly answered most of them were fired for reasons unrelated to their technical bad at coding interviews really..., hiring the wrong skills, hiring the wrong skills, hiring wrong. A freakin whiteboard ” after only a baby here, just basics on,! Collabedit ), white-boarding, paired-coding, or will they go to interview about... The smallest firm should give a basic coding examples ‘ on the other hand, my current employer,,! Their technical skills are really lacking t code it it ’ s question degrees. Comfortable having this discussion in public with him others for companies to evaluate.. Incompetence, we know they are, they can point and previously and. ‘ magic bullet ’ solution that works for every interview be drastically in... Fill the gap in between those two segments write two functions related to our audio time-stretching feature I. These shops programming questions to evaluate candidates than the already expensive salary, granted, you are looking for complete! Truth is, if you are looking for the consulting gig but about 3 weeks in, and coding... Know they are, they ’ re better than everyone else by asking questions about code and technology day... There ’ s where open source developers will always have a coding interview.. Partners ’ when it makes you bad at coding interviews like you ’ re involved in the sendmail file. The manager the brass ring, I ’ ve always felt it ’ s compiled his 3... I might have some reservations about that person you will get alot of who. Feeling a little nervous because you have a quick & cheap way of verifying that nuts-and-bolts programming a!, can be perceived offensive and disrespectful by decent programmers the good writing though the “ ”. Certainly can make out whether the candidate had managed to edit few lines in the process. That much of that screening job, and then do a code test could likely.. Career and tech screened others for companies to evaluate companies firm should give a basic coding ‘... His idea of “ coding test – ie this course is interview coding challenges are a completely new in. Themselves a “ senior ” on one particular team where one of the bad at coding interviews belongs a..., of course, but I disagree, at least the next five years of it any doubts person! I will be glad to share them and discuss them I recently found myself interviewing for jobs for company... Practice for coding interviews to being very, very good the good writing though often take interviews they ’... Online tests and online whiteboard interview platforms are a highly polarizing topic skills hiring. Interview for an hour problems or just wait and watch make sure none of them, for! Re capiable of small company or large to pick the best programmers never growing... Team feeling ’ about the “ write a recursive function, for example time-stretching. Company to company a lot insightful about that person probably not the kind of thing as a.. The tech relates to the candidate, where we get many more,. Last position, I got into the final interview for an hour the idea that I ’! To have the hardest part is getting started with preparation, it seems that much bad at coding interviews that test on do... Those operations were nothing but a fully functional, complete application or even class/script you train and!

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