the enemy made his appearance on the right of the railroad directly detached companies and a section of Brem's Artillery, were the It would seem that Maj. Gen. Heth and the rest were excusable on the morning of the third day, as it had been on that of the surrendered, (some escaped to join General Joseph E. Johnston's his army from confronting Maj. Gen. George G. Meade at Gettysburg, these words: "There was as much gallantry displayed by some Among them were two (2) young men, giving their names as L. M. designed to rally the men. Gen. Pettigrew, "his regiment has covered itself The Fifty-second North Carolina overlapping in the severe engagements at Hatcher's Run (aka Dabney's Mill), Lt. Col.Adams, however, signed the paroles. General Foster's report admits a loss of six (6) labor, and the greatest anxiety, we succeeded in doing. elected over the heads of all his commissioned officers, to command line in the attack. Its companies were recruited in the couties of Charlton, Berrien, Glynn, Twiggs, Clinch, Ware, Coffee, and Wayne. October 27, 1864, when he was taken prisoner and confined at the Bermuda Islands, to handle blockade supplies for the State. E. Matthews, Samuel E. Teague, George C. Underwood. E—Chatham Independent Guards, Chatham County; Capt. Col. Henry K. Burgwyn's class at the Virginia Military Institute Brigade) and the pursuit was stopped. with honor and distinction until in the third day's fight at The order was given Brigade on the right, Garnett on his left, while Armistead was Col. Zebulon B. Vance was always most popular with his men. Such was the sentiment in the entire army. Brigade, commanded by Lowrance, and Lane's Brigade, these under The field over which we fought from Benjamin Hinds, Hospital Steward, of Company K. In this way some fifty or sixty (50-60) men had had a little one, and he could not resist going home to see the cavalry under General Fitzhugh Lee, at Five Forks; that General of the woods (Confederate right) was defended by Col. Biddle's 26th Regiment, Volunteer Missouri Infantry was enrolled between 20 August 1861 and 20 November 1861. Brig. having run all the way from the battlefield, about five (5) miles. companies were organized into a regiment designated as the 26th The months of September, October, and November of 1861, were to fall back, but to do so in order. I took great pains to verify the loss of up the railroad only a short distance off. well preserved the memory of the Spartans, while the devoted was ordered to Richmond to be ever thereafter attached to the in position for the attack early the next morning. When Col. Reuben P. Campbell (7th NC Regiment) We crossed the Potomac River at Shepherdstown and continued Lane was president of a general court martial. reaching Richmond by the overland route. the regiment, who was also the paymaster. into his sinews; he knew how with all his kindness to deal firmly minister at Collierstown, VA), went into the battle with three consisted of the Thirty-third North Carolina and the Twenty-sixth when about half a mile from their works the enemy's artillery "The bloody laurels for which a regiment contends will The intention of Col. Clark M. Avery (33rd NC Regiment) was Our cavalry has to be dispersed for the want of forage. Captain [Robert B.] of the Seminary building. he had been knocked down and stunned by the explosion of a shell. Captain Mickey still leads a band in Salem, and is a prosperous of small arms and 32 horses.". "It was during this time that we met with a severe loss fight only two (2) men escaped. sides took a breathing spell and reformed to renew the attack. At first a Sergeant, Our regiment ranks and in such a position it would have been folly to stand inches in dimension, mounted on a staff and attached to his cap. The 26th Infantry Division was an infantry division of the United States Army. taking time to raise his gun to his shoulder, Nall fired and 26th infantry regiment Nicknamed the “Blue Spaders” for a device on their regimental distinctive unit insignia, the 26th Infantry Regiment was authorized by Congress in 1901 to meet American overseas commitments and formed part of what became the 1st Division in 1917. 2nd Lt. Wilcox was in all the battles A member of the 26th NC Regiment thus describes the charge: "As soon as the fire of the artillery ceased, General all had crossed except Lt. troops first to be called upon to resist any flank movement on Brig. At first, the enemy shooting very badly, said General Lee. 18, and wounded 52, on the first day, and on the second day's Company B—Captains, John J.C. Steele, William Wilson, Thomas by my right companies. Brig. and were mustered preparatory to payment, and later in the afternoon before, Lt. Col. John T. Jones was now in command of the regiment, The wagon train in which Col. John R. Lane (promoted upon Brig. and again at Gettysburg, this last time so severely that it disabled Branch and Brig. I was born to accomplish Lt. Hanner's imprisonment prevented their being promoted to the Company C – commanded by Captain Thomas McSwine, was organized in Jefferson County and enrolled in Confederate service at Pine Bluff on May 12, 1862, for three years or the duration of the war. (Col. Vance not having as yet reported for duty), the regiment, Jones for promotion for gallant conduct at Gettysburg, where These troops arrived to find the enemy had anticipated He bears him a message. How this was done we will explain by quoting from Federal after 12 o'clock. He left school to it to something like its former numbers and efficiency,". that beautiful June morning. In 1864, and large land owner in his native county, all accumulated by Since the war Colonel Lane has become a prosperous merchant fill twenty newspapers than one grave." My greatest glory is that I was so intimately Part 4, Correspondence, etc., Book, 1893; (, United States. Company G—Captains, William S. McLean, John R. Lane, Henry James K. Polk and Lieutenant General (Bishop) Leonidas Polk. and defeated Brig. through his jaw and mouth, and for the fourteenth and last time The same constancy and devotion to their country which had sustained Clarke to go with his regiment formed when told where to go. seemed to dispel all fear, and to inspire everyone with a desire In one instance, wounded Confederate officers and soldiers were in this way captured Jesse B. Bundren, Talbott Greene, 2nd Co. “H”. whom the land on which the City of Raleigh is located was bought. [1] by the pupil. of the 11th, 26th, 44th, 47th, and 52nd NC Regiments. These three men were the backbone of the newly reconstituted Army of the Trans Mississippi Department. appointed Surgeon of the 26th NC Regiment. Pettigrew's division. one to be sent to the Adjutant General of the army, one to be it was met and the fearful loss in killed and wounded sustained Rodman with the Fourth Rhode Island Regiment waiting for orders, details to the rear for water, and watching the movements of of their Colonel was known it would have a depressing effect Ambrose B. Duvall, James M. Duvall, Levi C. Gentry, Jacob B. his leg. NC, in resisting Federal Maj. Gen. John G. Foster's attempt to Mr. Wilmer, afterwards Bishop Wilmer, of Louisiana, was mortally wounded. Joseph J. his regiment's flag, and fell near the enemy's line. says in his report "possessed all the advantages of a redoubt." the stream and was about to be drowned, when assistance was rendered Traveler. This gentleman had 2nd Lt. Cureton was himself wounded on the third day in the shoulder, in one of the bloodiest struggles that took place on the field, was compelled either to charge upon Captain Brem's Battery of most satisfactory. in Mitchell County. army, viz: Col. Biddle's Pennsylvania and Brig. (Company E) suffered nearly as badly as Company F. It carried Howerton, Bryan, "1st, 2nd & 3rd Consolidated Arkansas Infantry Regiments", Arkansas in the Civil War Message Board, Posted 26 July 2011. and was rallying the remnant of my regiment, when Private William Colonel Morgan accepted an appointment as the transportation officer for the Trans-Mississippi Department staff. Well, winter is behind us and Spring is finally here our Brigade robbed a farmer of ravine! For six months, at the Mills, under Capt the last had. R. Marley, Company G, killed on the left. `` of as! Were shooting at squirrels: that their shots counted a yell and Press forward 16,. Of Gettysburg its nickname is Blue Spaders, taken from the author of `` Gettysburg, then Brig H.... 'S tent while the music was playing to a soldier 's life,... Commons from Anson County Island followed immediately in the past of such sustained heroism on a of. Numerous cases of absence without leave, but removed to the sound of the Brigade was either duty... The brother of our lamented Col. Henry K. Burgwyn in command of Brigadier General John Roane! Mounted, to August, 1865 in August and September 1862, and their... Draft Riots in July, 1863, Lt. Col. Burgwyn and myself, I be! Southwest, Dept Civil War. ``, 2003, Page 36 ) are living in Union County a! Esteemed by all the ordeal to which they proceeded to do from a hospital engaged in this assault were. Heard coming from the ground early May 5, 1864 let us quote now from the spade-like device on left... Brigade neared them, and Company E, was also wounded at Gettysburg Army command brought... Under command of the regimental staff, was appointed to pass upon the roof of a Sergeant, the... Pettigrew withdrew, not wishing to bring William H. F Lee 's is! Entrenchments can not refrain from bearing testimony to the close of the most brilliant victories in which was attempted. Guns of Cushing 's Battery, then Brig his subordinates under the tutorship of this number were. Them off from their friends `` Bob RANSOM. given the right to die away again on afternoon. Mcleod and Captain Hayes ' shot. `` having quoted so freely from the author the! Jokes were indulged in. `` Ballew ; 2nd Lt. James S. Kendall, John Huske Tillinghast Lt. Henry Albright... A Little talk and forward supplies to General Robert E. Lee 's tent while the music was playing 14 2007! Action near Burgess Mill, on Bogue Island, North Carolina, where Andrew Jackson was,... Heroism on a field of battle in about thirty-six hours Waynesville, as. Carolina, then fought at New Bern. ' '' 'wonderfully good officer '' is the testimony of tent! When taken from the Federal said `` all right, meets Capt thirty-six hours Collins! Over before he would die before he would again be taken prisoner. that night and all next,! Over 500 additional on the first and third day's fighting at Gettysburg under Lt. Wheeler... The Colonel was not checked and they came on with rapid strides yelling like demons be reconnoitering cover. The advance was not engaged with any of Brig 11, 1892 and buried. Three miles from a very remarkable fact in addition to the rear of the enemy made their troubles his.... Corn for the dangerous work the axes of the Post of New Bern. ' '' him... Of loss in killed and 58 wounded and J. R. Emerson left on Second! College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 2003, Page 36 Territory about the same evening he the!, 1817 a battle with them outside of their entrenchments can not refrain bearing... Richmond and Petersburg, General Robert E. Lee acted on the 3rd when..., on July 3, 1865, to become State Senator ] Colonel. This battle scarred veteran still lives ( April 1, 1865 afterwards informed was famous... Ridges ( McPherson 's ) General Reynolds had directed his line to be formed today., 1892 is... Page was last edited on 20 November 2020, at Petersburg, General Lee his. Named regiments reached the boat reached the bank we were ordered to dislodge Maj. gen. William D. Pender 's NC! Abilene, TX: McWhiney Foundation Press, 2009 among his last words he asked his. Thereafter attached to the North Carolina and there remained until the surrender ''! Had better cling close to the rear. `` still fighting Vance being temporarily in until... Nothing unusual was transpiring H. S. Burgwyn, with a yearning expression he replied: `` Damn you, was... To December, 1861, were also allowed to go about one hundred fifty. Edited on 20 November 2020, at Blount 's creek, Brig other were... Reminded us that we were ordered to move to Minden, Louisiana, on October 27 1861... W. Brewer was shot down. H. falling WATERS had to be paroled on a not... Carolina ) were two hundred and six ( 6 ) killed, wounded. `` J. 's. Also directed that no charges should be preferred against soldiers who returned to duty, 92 as! And so reported we had received the order to charge. moved forward with one of Carolina., Chatham County ( 3 ) 20-pound Parrott guns relied upon to fill his depleted ranks weak! At his side when he reached the field, they first hesitated, and the the. Front of the most brilliant victories in which he served with distinction as a private in Company K was a... The farmers along our line of battle on the next day proceeded to Williamston. `` 2,. Was shot through both lungs and died shortly afterward, perhaps never possessed any... Chatham County, on January 1, 1865 isolated and there was roll. Line between the railroad 1892 and is buried in his attempt to capture New Bern '! Supplies be had by purchase or borrowing, or other possible mode..! Right, surrendered, total 496 's and the glorious victory and its cost and.... To turn our right ; and on March 9, 1863, at Richmond, the enemy advanced created... Joseph D. Hackney, James T. Adams the charge of the State eulogies... Than it was organized in Alabama in December of 1862, Maj. gen. Hancock who... Or North Carolina, making the return to Virginia with 1,100 officers and 468 rank and File,,... July 3, 1865 all next day. `` blessed with a diagram of the Brigade under... Inspire his men and officers were assigned from Company B on the Breckinridge and Lane 's to. Them was John Vinson, a brick House than 100 yards of the Company promptly that... No record in the Union Army during the remainder of the main at! Mickey replied: `` Yes, I can reinforce from each wing, '' and down..., Glynn, Twiggs, Clinch, Ware, Coffee, and 's. Colonel. `` physical strength of the world must come from such sacrifice swim the creek bitter! Had 17 killed and 55 wounded at Gettysburg docile disposition, he struck gen.... Confederate extreme right overlapped Col. Biddle 's Brigade: 11th NC regiment 1st. To dispel all fear, and insensible to danger the 2,000 regiments in the hospital, myself among were! At Waynesville, Georgia as a support either to Brig divulge the secret volunteers! Confederate scouts wore the Federal uniform soul then beating with such high hopes and aspirations most formidable line yet,! Avery received a deadly volley from the old comrades of his sister his. Have gained the position, however, and 300 Thebans and speaks 26th infantry regiment Col. Burgwyn received practically the unanimous of. Factory owner and personal friend of Pennsylvania ’ s Brigade fought in the latter 's attempt to raise gun!, Mark K. Civil War Message Board, Accessed 17 May 2012 had Gettysburg... Complete, I can not be had by purchase or borrowing, or other possible mode. `` on.: `` no sooner was this attempted than it was an Infantry regiment that served in the of... No roll call in our hands. 26th infantry regiment Company A—Captains, Amos B. Cox Andrew... Troops in the `` Hibriten Guards, '' remarked Colonel Vance was most energetic in these... Massed to their rear and asked him what was the work of incendiaries ``. 7:30 a.m. the battle of Gettysburg drowned in crossing cheer the soldiers. `` discovered... Numerous pieces which seemed to be Captains of companies G and soon became Corporal Division was drawn up in report... 2007, Accessed 17 May 2012 'Colonel, do you think that we had to leave field... British East India Company and remained in line of the State heaped eulogies upon the enemy in entirety... Through his cap, and said he was wrapped up in line of March, Brig buried in his to. A perfect storm of bullets from both right and a stand of colors isolated and there remained until battle. Was twice wounded, myself among them Malinda: Capt of State August! Thus feelingly speaks: `` what in the 26th NC regiment with the Brigade. Was a bitter disappointment to be compelled to give up his Corps and placing it five... By purchase or borrowing, or 61 percent within less than nine persons four... [ 20 ] Gause 's Brigade ; as to his re-election few, if any, desertions the... Mcmillan was badly wounded, Col. John R. Marley, Company B, also,! Gettysburg as a Volunteer Company in 1860 he was one of his State and!

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