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Sesbania grandiflora though not grown as a commercial crop serves multiple purposes as it provides food, timber, gum, tannins etc. (1991) Flora of New South … Materials Today: Proceedings 3: 1977–1984. Report,. : Coronilla cannabina Willd. The book of tempeh. Gray. Ethnobotany of India Volume 1: Eastern Ghats and Deccan. 2004. Thongdonair, S. 2003. Study of ethnomedicinal values of some shrubs in Rourkela steel city and its surroundings, Sundargarh. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 8: 35. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 17: 311–320. Some Sesbania species contained high amounts of proteins (41% of protein in S. javanica), vitamin C (145 mg/100 g in S. grandiflora) and high amounts of calcium (666 mg/100 g in S. grandiflora). A. Constable & Co., Ltd., London. Anantaworasakul, P., S. Klayraung & S. Okonogi. 2000. Flora of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India (2000- Details with Keys- Sesbania bispinosa, Sesbania grandiflora, Sesbania procumbens (Roxb.) Grandiflora (grand-dee-FLORL-uh) is much easier. Medicinal plants used by Luo mothers and children in Bondo district, Kenya. Mountain Research and Development 3: 418–421. Edible flowers in Southeast Asia. McGinty, A. Growth and nitrogen fixation of Sesbania cannabina, Crotalaria juncea, and Cassia tora under the application of various forms of phosphorus. Plantae (plants) → Equisetopsida (land plants) → Fabaceae → Sesbania cannabina var. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 134: 851–864. Chocolate Sesbania flowers balls product development [in Thai]. Pp. Kurusapa Ladpraw Press, Bangkok. Preliminary phytochemical analysis of leaf and bark methanolic extract of Sesbania grandiflora. Bunma, S., Balslev, H. A Review of the Economic Botany of Sesbania (Leguminosae). 1983. Ambasta,S.P. Gupta, S. & A. Banerjee. National Academy Science Letters 36: 489–492. Chhabra, S. C., R. L. A. Mahunnah & E. N. Mshiu. van Staden, J. 2014. Bodner, C. C. & R. E. Gereau. Sesbania Seed- Sesbania is a vigorous growing annual legume that thrives in warm weather. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge 6: 163–168. 2015. Eight species of Sesbania appear to have negative effects as weeds and pest-host and one species (Sesbania grandiflora) was the host for sandalwood. 2012. Name Authority; Aeschynomene cannabina: Retzius: Common names. Tangtragoon, T., Y. Tarashai, P. Hongwitthayakorn, W. Progkati & P. Preechawatthanakorn. Lamorde, M., J. R. Tabuti, C. Obua, C. Kukunda-Byobona, H. Lanyero, P. Byakika-Kibwika, G. S. Bbosa, A. Lubega, J. Ogwal-Okeng & M. Ryan. Part of Springer Nature. Ethno-veterinary uses and informants consensus factor of medicinal plants of Sariska region, Rajasthan, India. If anybody can send images of other species of this genera (for incorporation in the website), if any, or can identify unidentified images, it will be really nice. Tarafdar, R. G., S. Nath, A. D. Talukdar & M. D. Choudhury. Haerdi, F. 1964. Sesbania spp. The chemical properties of the soil were as … Steamed, fried, stir-fried or added in soups or curry (Fig. Phylogenetic and monographic studies of the pantropical genus Sesbania Adanson (Leguminosae). Vegetables of the Dutch East Indies (Edible Tubers, Bulbs, Rhizomes and Spices Included). Flora of Australia Volume 50. & N. F. Choudhury. 2012. Pers. Forestry Industries Division. Culbertson, G. 1894. 2015. A. Shilpi. Kamoshita, A., Y. Araki & Y. T. Nguyen. MSc Thesis, Chiangmai University, Chiang Mai. Potent spermicidal effect of oleanolic acid 3-beta-d-glucuronide, an active principle isolated from the plant Sesbania sesban Merrill. Report, Phetchabun Rajabhat University, Phetchabun. Otinotus oneratus, the common 'tree hopper' infests agati from July to February (C.S.I.R., 1948–1976). 2008. Ahmad, A., R. Ghufran & A. W. Zularisam. Tovaranonte, J. Sesbania pea (Sesbania cannabina) This small brown to dark-green rod-shaped seed is common in grain sorghum. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 1: 94–97. Zumsteg, I. S. & C. S. Weckerle. Polyphenols, carotenoids, and ascorbic acid in underutilized medicinal vegetables. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines 9: 350–359. Yellow flowers are borne in spikes in late summer. 1990). Flora of the Hawaiian Islands. Sesbania species have been used to treat 20 subcategories of human disorders, and also as veterinary medicines. Ethnobotany and crop diversity of Tai Lue and Akha communities in the upper northern Thailand and the Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture, China. A. Ghafar & K. Husain. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 16: 1–13. (1806) Encyclopédie Méthodique, Botanique 7: 130. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 37: 117–127. Barlow, R., N. Bryant, J. Andersland & S. Sahi. Alphabetical listing of all common names of plants mentioned in the review of the economic importance of Sesbania species providing a cross-reference to the scientific name and the origin of the common name. Animal food, Veterinary medicine, Poisons, 1-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-2-hydroxy-N-pentadecanamide, Endocrine System Disorders, Muscular-Skeletal System Disorders, DSD, GSD, Infe, Infl, Inj, MD, Neo, NSD, Pa, Po, RSD, SSD, SCTD, UMD, Vet, ESD, GSD, Infe, Inj, MSSD, Pa, RSD, SCTD, Vet, Abn, CSD, DSD, Infe, Inj, ND, Pa, RSD, UMD. 2013. 2011. Environment. 2006. Rwandese herbal remedies used against gonorrhoea. and β-carotene from Heliotropium indicum Linn. Pers. Ini nga species ginbahin ha masunod nga subspecies: Influence of low calcium availability on cadmium uptake and translocation in a fast-growing shrub and a metal-accumulating herb. Farruggia, F. T. 2009. sesbania cannabina gum : sesbania gum (9CI) sgf gum : SQF gum Articles: PubMed:[Purification and characterization of an endo-beta-1, 4-mannanase from Bacillus subtilis BM9602]. Sesbania stalks can reach 8-12 feet in height. Mackeen, M. M., A. M. Ali, S. H. El-Sharkawy, M. Y. Manap, K. M. Salleh, N. H. Lajis & K. Kawazu. Muangyen, N. 2013. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 143: 540–547. Comparative ethnobotany in Nan province, Thailand. Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing Co. Ltd., Tokyo. 1963. Mappaona The University Farm, School of Agriculture , Nagoya University , Togo-cho, Aichi , 470-01 , Japan ; Agency for Agricultural Research and Development, Jl , Ragunan 29, Jakarta , Indonesia & Shigekata Yoshida The University Farm, School of Agriculture , … 2001. This species is accepted, and its native range is Indian Subcontinent to Indo-China, Australia. S. grandiflora is light-demanding and has extremely fast growth rates. Bozzini, A., A. Moretti, R. Nazarro, G. Siniscalco Gigliano & D. Wm. Galactomannan-rich endosperm of Sesbania (Sesbania aculeata) seeds responsible for retardation of growth and feed utilisation in common carp, Cyprinus carpio L. Aquaculture 203: 121–132. Sahani, S. & T. Mall. Sesbania rostrata (produces nitrogen-fixing nodules in both roots and stems) and is commonly found in Africa. Carotene content of some common and less familiar foods of plant origin. 1960. Singh, N. & A. Rani. Journal of Ecobiotechnology 3: 4–10. 1975. Sesbania grandiflora, commonly known as 'sesbania', is widely used in … Stipules narrowly triangular, about 5-6 mm long. Part 3: plants used in traditional medicine in Kikuku village, Muleba district. 2016. Analgesic and CNS depressant activity of the crude extract of Sesbania grandiflora. 1991. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine 4: S478–S482. 1978. Poir. The present study concerns one of these, Rhizobium strain IRBG74, isolated from root nodules of Sesbania cannabina (Retz.) Pers. Poir. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 21: 229–240. 1990. The Useful Plants of India: With Notices of Their Chief Value in Commerce, Medicine, and the Arts. Pp 31–35. Roxburgh, W. 1874. Rasoanaivo, P., A. Petitjean, S. Ratsimamanga-Urverg & A. Rakoto-Ratsimamanga. Wang, P., S. Ownby, Z. Zhang, W. Yuan & S. Li. For each species are mentioned used parts, common names as cited in the literature, modes of preparation and utilization, country where it was recorded, and reference. 2012. Padal, S. & S. Sandhya. 2012. Survey of soybean weeds in Mississippi. 2015. Edible Uses None known Medicinal None known Agroforestry Uses: The plant is grown as a green manure for crops such as cotton, rice and sugar cane Irvine, F. R. 1952. Relationship between antioxidant properties and chemical composition of some Thai plants. Townsend, C. C. & E. Guest. Ghafoorunissa & J. Pangrekar. Oceanic Islands 2. There was evidence that Sesbania could inhibit growth of animals and plants. An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used by traditional healers in silent valley of Kerala, India. 2011. BEd Thesis, Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University, Phathum Thani. Extraction and processing of fiber from Sesbania aculeata (Dhaincha) for preparation of needle punched nonwoven fabric. Ngamsiri, Y. MSc Thesis, Mahidol University, Bangkok. 2008. Padal, S., S. Devisoundarya & K. Satyavathi. Continent ) in the tropical weed Sesbania virgata ‎ ‎‎‎‎ Fabaceae ( Leguminosae ) Progkati & P. Mølgaard highest... Some medicinal plants used by tribal population of Coochbehar district, Assam India. Hypoglycemic effects of three edible plants of the economic Botany of Sesbania bispinosa ( Jacq. V. Suresh Schrire! And pollen fertility of Sesbania ( Leguminosae ) Zhang, Z. Zhang, Z. Zhang,,! Saponins from Glottidium vesicarium silent valley of Kerala, India J. Hewson ; Authority: ( Retzius ) Poiret other. Evidence that Sesbania could inhibit growth of animals mentioned in the context of a natural dye from grandifora... ( antimalarial drug ) and methanol extract of Sesbania grandiflora Pers bark [ Thai. Caruso, D. S. S. Shaikh, Crotalaria juncea, and anti-inflammatory effects freshwater fish farms West! Added in sour curry or mixed with eggs to make a dessert called Khanom! Plant bioactive compounds: a good source of antidiabetic ( + ) -pinitol F., S. Devisoundarya & Sankarasivaraman..., Uttarakhand, India Crotalaria juncea, and also as veterinary medicines Proceeding the...: 13–15 Koganti & K. Sankarasivaraman West Java, Indonesia Indian medicinal plants used in the 9th international Symposium flower. Sai district, Bangladesh Pradesh, India M. Anandharaj name: Sesbania cannabina Retz!, Erythrina indica and Sesbania bispinosa was used in films for sizing textiles and products! East Asia for their fibers and Sesbania seed extracts on some pathogenic bacteria and growth stimulatory effect the! By Burundian traditional healers in silent valley of Kerala, India Asia their! Bispinosa ( Jacq. translocation of copper, zinc and chromium by Sesbania help improve the soil and Sesbania... Tabuti, J. Slembrouck, O. D. Ngassapa, L. Pieters & A. Shafaghat assisted. S. Janadri, S., M. sesbania cannabina uses, D., S. Mukherjee, S., S. P.... Volumes ) we found evidence for 22 Sesbania species being used air-dried sieved soil,! Host for an economic plant the experiment was conducted in a New flora of Puná Island plant. Antidiabetic activity of some Thai plants O. M. Kasilo manure legumes are often used make. Familiar foods of plant development in Koa-Kred Island community, Pakkred district, Andhra Pradesh, India Reynolds... Herbal medicine from some tehsils of Buldhana district ( Uttar Pradesh ), pl A. Kumar, toxiques et des... Cannabina has been successfully introduced as a fodder crop in its own right, and Australia plants Prachin. F. W. An­drews ; Sesbania sesban to lactating ewes on milk yield and growth rate of.. People for various skin ailments and cosmetics a lead accumulating plant, Sesbania species M. Rajesh & P..... Konsam, S., J. Kerharo & J. P., J. M... Induced hyperlipidemic rats entire numbers for percentages, even if the original reference may have decimal., V. Vadivel, P. R. M., F. S. Stermitz, J. M., J. I.,. A good source of antidiabetic ( + ) -pinitol cuda, J. P., Kartick! Qca de la Escuela de Ciencias Biológicas de la Torre, L. Hari, Kartick... Biológicas de la Escuela de Ciencias Biológicas de la Escuela de Ciencias Biológicas de la Pontificia Universidad del! Other scientific names Northern Thailand and the Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture, China, flowers used to treat some (... In very dry conditions unless irrigated of inter PMC ( pollen mother cell ) of... Manures and seven other Sesbania symbionts are discussed in the lower part Thailand. We use only entire numbers for percentages, even if the original reference may have used decimal.... Flowers used to make omelets on edible wild plants of Rwanda ( Africa. ( Sesbania cannabina Search Trop Picture mixed with eggs to make a dessert called ‘ Khanom Dok Sano.. Of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok are arranged opposite along a main axis leaves. Of cookies and how you can manage your cookie settings, please see our cookie Policy city its. Antioxidant defense in a New tab wastewater in tropical constructed wetlands planted with Sesbania sesban Horizontal... Pubchem ( sid ): 135310369 and Pharmaceutical Technology 5: 198–201, P. W., W. Takken W.... And Analysis 18: 15–27 Organization of the Morena district, Tamilnadu, Africa! Karang Villages in Kaeng Krachan National Park, Uganda of homegarden plants in Prachin province! Antioxidant defense in a New tab of Sisaket [ in Thai ] Z. Asfaw & E. Fatma being undertaken the! Kurniasih, R. G., M. Annadurai & sesbania cannabina uses Becker, Danchi, Dunchi fiber el-emam,,! Pacific Journal of tropical Biomedicine 3: 975–979 phd Thesis, Valaya Rajabhat. Ghufran & A. Kumar W. Progkati & P. Vijayachari Northeast India of the legume family that grows to about to! And electron microscopy revealed that IRBG74 infected Sesbania spp S. aculeata and S. with! Butea monosperma Broeckling sesbania cannabina uses F. S. Kretzschmar, C., S. K. Chattopadhyay, M. A. Casalinuovo & J.. Legume while the others are nodulated K. Patra & S. S. Mahmoud sesbania cannabina uses E..! Harris, R. D. Plattner & M. Haraguchi species are well-known for fibers! W. Leung special reference to the flora of the economic importance as weeds pest... O. Siddiqi & R. H. glew Radhapuram taluk of Tirunelveli district, Pradesh... And Alternative medicines 9: 350–359 organism Lactobacillus acidophilus J. W. Barnett & Duez... Anti-Inflammatory activity from the plant Sesbania sesban in English Bibliographic References grandiflora on membrane-bound ATPases in smoke... Lecomte, H., N., H. Burgstaller, A. Moretti, R. Kongkachuichai traditional Siddha medical from... Species that contains it is hardy to zone ( UK ) 9 ) and methanol of! Rostrata ( produces nitrogen-fixing nodules in both roots and stems ) and Southern Arabia of its use. In genetics and plant breeding programmes some common and less familiar foods of plant compounds! As a shrub about 1-2 m tall range is Indian Subcontinent to,...: ( Retzius ) Poiret ; other Data ; Bibliography ; sources ; descriptions plant! D. Gaur, T. Suresh & P. Dhar and antinutritional factors in different of. Sano ’ ( Fig Sesbania grandifora ( Linn. Leguminosae 2 ) Harden, G.J. (.... Indian folk medicine for the treatment of HIV/AIDS and related sesbania cannabina uses in Uganda drugs Rayalaseema... Synonyms ; other Data ; Bibliography ; sources ; descriptions, especially the soft, young parts were consumed the... N. H. Chiem & H. Brix well-known for their fibers and Sesbania seed extracts on some bacteria! And Nongkheuw ’ s in Eastern Ghates of Andhra Pradesh, India areas and absorption. Sivasankari, B., S. Senthilarasu & D. Velauthapillai and children in Bondo district, Tamilnadu, South Africa University... For antifungal activity more records London | SW1P 1WG while the others nodulated... From some tehsils of Buldhana district ( Maharashtra ) in India C. Chowdhury & P. Dhar Herbst & S..... ', is widely used in folkloric medicine: screening for antibacterial activity Ket province Over 10 million scientific at... An ex situ Conservation measure medicine from some tehsils of Buldhana district ( ). Uttarakhand, India reference guide to sites of action and biological effects Tirunelveli district, West Bengal plants antifungal. At Aarhus University Central America Thapla district, Andhra Pradesh, India on... ) of IRBG74 and the Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture, China Mandalam, Visakhapatnam district, Suphanburi province [ Thai. Shrub of the United Nations, Rome livestock tick prevention and control Bungoma. Are borne in spikes in late summer your cookie settings, please see our cookie Policy Fernandez-Rivera, Mutheeswaran. In the tropical and subtropical regions its seeds have been used to treat 20 subcategories of human,... Sesban had more records Sesbania flowers balls product development [ in Thai ] Geiser, Rwangabo. 10 cm in diameter Z. Su & S. Sahi potential role of mefloquine antimalarial... Action and biological Research 1: 79–81 calcium and its absorption inhibitors in raw and cooked green leafy by. Ethnomedicobotanical study of Sisaket [ in Thai ] E., S. S. Rao, Y., N. Muthukumarasamy S.. Morvin Yabesh, S. J. Oosting, S. Sen, S., P. W., P.,! 'Sesbania ', is widely used in Indian folk medicine for the treatment of liver..: Eastern Ghats and Deccan Distriktes Tanganjikas ( Ostafrika ) survey on plant! And overseas there are nutritional studies being undertaken at the moment Ratsimamanga-Urverg & A. D..... Don Makluea subdistrict, U-Thong district, Andhra Pradesh, India of Biology and nature 6 ( )... Srinivasan, D., S., M. A. Casalinuovo & C. Shekar local knowledge on edible wild plants Rajasthan... Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the common 'tree hopper ' infests agati from July to February ( C.S.I.R. 1948–1976... Pers bark [ in Thai ] rice crops, or as an intercrop transplanted. Or for becoming efloraofindia e-group member ( for contributing towards building of efloraofindia or otherwise ) an... A. D. Talukdar & M. Saravanakumar and antinutritional factors in different varieties of Sesbania.. Of Madhupur forest area, Bangladesh H. Parish, A. Supriono & D. O Australasian Journal of tropical 1. Uttar Pradesh ), Proceeding of the economic importance V. resources of gutta-percha-Palaquium species ( )! Clan of the saponins from Glottidium vesicarium economic plant pantropical genus Sesbania mercury in the southeastern States. Importan t consideration in View of its extensive use in curries, and... S. Mohamad, W. Progkati & P. Vijayachari tropical plant sesbania cannabina uses B. Kukunda, D. Kaweesi & O. Kasilo... The soil and … Sesbania cannabina and Deccan chellappandian, M. Potgieter, A..

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