Martha Corinne, the widow of Zeb's older brother, Henry Walton, first appears in the two-part season three episode "The Conflict”, in which she and her family are displaced from their scenic mountain land by construction of the Blue Ridge Parkway. At various times, Ben has run the mill with his father, Elizabeth's boyfriend Drew, and Erin's husband Paul Northridge. Sarah lived in 1880, at address , … Because of the extraordinary nature of his achievements as an artist and craftsman, writer and political activist, William Morris was a compelling biographical subject for writers even before his death in 1896. Initially, Aimee was very shy and apprehensive about being adopted. We are parsing more detailed wiki about Rachel Longaker that we will modernise within 24 to 48 hours. In the episode, "The Fire Storm", from the fifth season her ability to speak German is pivotal to stopping a book-burning. Walton's Mountain Museum official website, A Walk with Grandpa Walton and the Walton family, – German / English Website with travel report and video about Walton's Mountain Museum, The Waltons Unofficial Home Page. Boone Walton is very set in his ways and has a cantankerous disposition. Camille Mitchell has garnered extraordinary acclaim for her versatility onstage and onscreen. He is usually good-natured, wise, and fearless, ready to stand up to a challenge and tell things straight. 's attentions fall on Erin as she matures, and this time he falls in love. She regards Olivia as a friend, and attempts to help Jim-Bob with his studies, encouraging him to follow his dreams. Dear Parents and Students, Study Skills is a class that offers students an opportunity to learn and apply various skills and strategies to increase independence. In the "Walton Thanksgiving Reunion," set in 1963, Mary Ellen is called a "war widow," indicating that the divorce-shy have adopted an honorific white lie on her behalf. She is one of the popular actresses in the world of cinema. tossed it up in the air, it exploded too close to him and killed him instantly. Catastrophe strikes both her family and her husband's family, as both she and Bob have no surviving parents, and they ended up seeing each other before their wedding, said to be bad luck. Check below for more deets about Rachel Longaker. Votes: 57 In season six, they welcome a son, John Curtis Willard. She especially hates being in debt. Mary Ellen (Judy Norton Taylor) is the eldest of Olivia and John's daughters and third child, born in April 1920, aged 13 in season one. We encourage parents to participate in the support and implementation of this policy. He refuses to discuss his war service until John-Boy researches an "Honor Day" celebration and discovers Ep was decorated for valor with the Medal of Honor, the French Croix de Guerre, and several others for destroying an enemy machine gun nest with a grenade, wounding himself in the process. Gwen Arner Director. Jim-Bob has several girlfriends throughout the series, including Ike and Corabeth's adopted daughter (and Elizabeth's friend and adoptive cousin) Aimee Godsey and a foreign woman who feigned pregnancy to trick him into marrying her and just as quickly was sent out of his life (though John-Boy wonders if Jim-Bob is still seeing her in secret and not telling the rest of his family), but he never truly settles down with anybody to the knowledge of his family. Rachel Longaker‘ father name is NA and her mother name is NA. In a 1999 Archive of American Television interview, executive producer Earl Hamner Jr. stated that, when transitioning from the film to the TV series, he chose to recast the role of Olivia because he did not think that Patricia Neal's health would allow her to commit to the grind of a weekly television series. Sarah Jane Simmonds is an overly protected young girl being raised by her widowed mother. Her parents died when she was young and the Godseys were compelled to adopt her after Corabeth had trouble becoming pregnant. These personality traits sometimes cause him to be brash, even towards his children and wife on occasion, and when greatly stressed, he is prone to overwork to the point of "workaholism." Ben then returns home. Fascination with him continues to the present day. Reluctant at first, Jerry agrees to spread the word about his visits from the almighty creator of heaven and earth. After a bit of matchmaking by Olivia and John, Ep proposes and they marry. Marmaduke Ephram "Ep" Bridges (John Crawford) is the Jefferson County sheriff, keeper of the peace in Walton's Mountain. He is said to have suffered a stroke at some moment in his declining health and spent the remaining 20 years of his life somewhat vegetated and walking with a cane that is later given by his daughters to Esther following her stroke and return from extensive hospitalization. At the end of the fifth season, Richard Thomas left the series with the character of John- Boy heading for New York City to pursue a writing career. Verdie resolved to one day trace her family back to its roots, and if she couldn't, she would have her children take over in her place. He often joked that he would live to 100, but in the end, he suffered a second and final heart attack three years later, missing his goal by about a quarter of a century. Instead, he becomes a portly hermit living in an airplane hangar right next to an adjacent airfield where he sometimes offers to fly people around and routinely works on planes. Season 1, Episode 7. Her father was a fisherman. Season 1, Episode 7. We encourage parents to participate in the support and implementation of this policy. However, he remains an ardent moonshiner for the rest of his days on the mountain until one fateful night much later at the ripe age of 85, when he treks out into civilization with two jugs of moonshine in hand and dies crossing the road in the dark (implied to possibly be drunk), where he is hit by an oncoming car. Lynette Dane: Rachel Longaker. An older woman played by Pearl Shear, resident at Flossie Brimmer's boarding house, and known for being a flirt. Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. As such, she teaches nearly all the county's children, including all of the Waltons. Jim Bob is number 8 in the motorcycle race. High school students throw a Halloween party in a mansion haunted by a young demon. She builds her closest friendship with Elizabeth. She aspires to become a wife and mother, in direct contrast to Mary Ellen's ambitions. As in 2021, Rachel Longaker‘s age is * years. Due to his passion for the Air Corps, Jim-Bob is compelled to get a tattoo of their insignia, which he later regrets. We endeavor to be promptly responsive in correcting errors in the material published on digital platforms. Ben's passionate love interest, introduced in the season 7 episode "Day of Infamy;" played by Robin Eisenman. As he grows up, he scraps together the parts to build his own car, which tends to break down from its ramshackle construction. After her father died before she could ask him about his past, Verdie discovered an ornamental necklace among his belongings, sparking a desire to learn more about her heritage and ancestry, despite her husband's warnings not to pry into the ugliness of a bygone time. She divorces him and finds a new beau, Jonesy, whom she met during the time she believed Curt had been killed and whom she had nearly married beforehand. She would constantly hang out with Elizabeth and was afraid to live in the Godsey's store. In the fourth reunion movie, it is revealed that Ben and Cindy lost Ginny in a drowning accident and that they are considering adopting another child (Charlie is never seen nor mentioned). Played by Morgan Woodward. However, Jerry's wife, Bobbie (Teri Garr), is skeptical, and theologians think Jerry's God is a fake. Although she is initially hostile to anyone who comes near to her, she begins to come to terms with her blindness when her parents send her to a blind school in Iowa, where she falls in love with Adam Kendall. Eventually she meets and marries Paul Northridge; they have three children: Susan, Amanda, and Peter. It is known that she displayed budding artistic talent in high school and considered going to college on a scholarship but instead chose to marry John Walton when she was 16 and settle down as a homemaker. She has her 13th birthday in season seven's Halloween episode. Find exactly what you're looking for! She is innovative, and improves the yard goods and millinery departments at Godsey's store. Jason (Jon Walmsley) was born in the winter of 1918, second son and child of John ("Daddy") Walton and Olivia ("Mama," Liv) Walton (née Daly); grandson of Zebulon Tyler ("Grandpa" Zeb) Walton and Esther ("Grandma") Walton (née Morgan); nephew of Benjamin ("Uncle" Ben) Walton, an unknown aunt or uncle Walton, and Frances Daly who lives in Edgemont; brother of John-Boy Walton, Mary Ellen Walton, Benjamin (Ben) Walton, Erin Esther Walton, James Robert (Jim-Bob) Walton and his stillborn twin brother Joseph Zebulon Walton, and Elizabeth Tyler Walton, 1st Cousin of Olivia, and cousin-in-law of Bob Hill. The Silver Anniversary (First aired: 2 … He ran off the road and wrecked his car in the poor visibility, which caused his death. I am always happy to meet with parents. He was fiercely against the idea of Ashley Longworth getting involved with his daughter Emily and served to quash their relationship in more ways than one. John-Boy is the oldest of the children (17 years old in the beginning), who becomes a journalist and novelist. In season three, Jason attends the Kleinberg Conservatory of Music; in season four he lands a job playing honkytonk piano at local tavern The Dew Drop Inn (which he later comes to own), much to Grandma's and Olivia's chagrin. The television network ZDF which first aired The Waltons in Germany was worried that the name "Zeb" could be mistaken with "Sepp" which is a Bavarian short form of the name Joseph and could be seen as being a cliché. [5] Jim-Bob is the only Walton child who was born in a hospital, rather than at home. The other of her sons, Josh, was an orphan who wandered onto Walton's mountain and the Fosters fell in love with and adopted. Martha Corrine reveals to John-Boy that her health has started deteriorating and she had come back to the mountain to make her peace before she eventually passes away. sister. In season seven, Mary Ellen receives a telegram notifying her that Curt has been killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor, but in season nine she learns he is still alive, using an assumed name. IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. Night of the Demons 2 is a 1994 American horror film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and starring Amelia Kinkade, Cristi Harris, Rick Peters, Jennifer Rhodes and Christine Taylor.It is the sequel to Night of the Demons and was released on home video in 1994 by Republic Pictures Home Video. when his kind heart gets the better of him in the season 6 episode "The First Casualty", as he prepared to go into active service. Rachel Longaker body measurments, height, weight and age details. [8] John-Boy's research reunites Ep with Sara Griffith, a volunteer nurse and ambulance driver who treated him for his wounds, but lost touch with him when he was transferred to another hospital. "Scarcely a year or a season passed on Walton's Mountain that did not bring a test of my parents' courage and the strength of our family ties. His regiment had been conducting a training exercise with dummy grenades, but for once, switched to live grenades. A leading lady at the Stratford and Shaw festivals, The London Times hailed her as "a gift to the theater." She is best known for her appearance on Night of the Demons 2. In 1977, Ellen Corby's real life stroke was incorporated into the storyline and forced her to leave the show for a long period of recovery. High school students throw a Halloween party in a mansion haunted by a young demon. Referred to as "Zeb" to friends, "Zeb" or "old man" by his wife Esther (who in turn is lovingly referred to as "old woman" or “old girl”), "Pa" by his son John, "Grandpa" by Olivia and the rest of the family, and "the Grandfather" in show credits, likes to spend his time working with John in the sawmill, fishing, and playing with and teaching his grandkids. She is mentioned in "The Heritage" (season 2, episode 18). Though she is mostly grounded and content with her life, Olivia also displays a dreamy side of her personality and a thirst for novelty, as seen, for example, in “The Airmail Man” (season two) where she dreams of flying in an airplane, and in “The Rebellion” (season five) when she gets a perm. Elizabeth (Kami Cotler) is the youngest child of John and Olivia Walton. 97. When she expressed a longing to take in a family-less child, Ben decided that he could learn to love such a child as much as she would. It was in this episode she made her final appearance. He is found living in Florida under the name Curtis Packer. Ike Godsey’s motorcycle’s license plate number is 4893 (Virginia). sister. She is willing to open her home to friends or strangers in need, but, during early seasons, is uncomfortable with her family associating with the Baldwin sisters because she strongly disapproves of their unknowing production of homemade liquor (moonshine), which they refer to as "Papa's Recipe," She is especially disturbed to learn that John-Boy borrows an antique typewriter from them and that Mary Ellen unknowingly sells it to the traveling junk dealer, as she won't have her family indebted to the Baldwins. John Walton Jr. (Richard Thomas, pilot, seasons 1–5, two guest shots in season 6; and three 1990s movies; Robert Wightman, seasons 8–9, 1982 movies). Rachel Longaker is a research assistant for the Digital Mellini project at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, California. "The Sinner" and "The Dust Bowl Cousins" in 1972; "The Deed" and "The Chicken Thief" in 1973; "The Heritage" in 1974, "The Shivaree" in 1975; "The Best Christmas", "The Wedding: Parts 1 and 2", "The Baptism", "The Comeback", "The Quilting" and "The Burnout" in 1976; "The First Casualty" in which he marries Sissy (Cissy Wellman), "The Grandchild", and "The Hawk" in 1977; "The Boosters", "The Beau" and "The Obsession" in 1978. Sarah J. Longaker was born circa 1858, at birth place, Pennsylvania, to Albert Longaker and Rachel R. Longaker. After Esther's role in the series begins to diminish and the Walton children are grown up, she and her grandchildren Jeffery and Serena show up at their house looking for a place to stay, and Rose is desperate to find a safe haven from their old residence in Baltimore. After Corabeth refuses to listen to Ike, he has no option but to speak to John and Olivia about his problem and to ask them to speak to her. He offers the use of extra space in the Mercantile as a classroom when a fanatic burns down the schoolhouse. (1977), Sybil (1976) and Night of the Demons 2 (1994). Played by Tom Bower in the episodes leading up to the December 7, 1941 Attack on Pearl Harbor. His parents were forced to bury him in a way that no one, not even him, had expected, and Erin mourned him deeply. In 1981, a teenage girl named Victoria Martin is convinced that her mother doesn't understand the younger generation. Directed by William F. Claxton. We want to share links to documents that support parents, caregivers and school staff. Having acted in a number of films before the series had started, his time on the show helped to elevate him and showcase his potential. Later, G.W. Unbeknownst to them, his plane, the "Katey Anne," was shot down and crashed into the sea near Britain while he was out looking for war stories. You may access the full policy online at the school's website, or request a printed copy … This page will put a light upon the Rachel Longaker bio, wiki, age, birthday, family details, affairs, boyfriend, controversies, caste, height, weight, rumors, lesser-known facts, and more. She is also a natural artist. First appearing early in the first season ("The Sinner"), Rev. When she was little her mother became ill and died, which greatly upset her, and she becomes angry whenever people show disrespect for their mothers, or disregard for their children, she becomes angry. She prevents the citizens of the Blue Ridge from unknowingly incinerating a Bible printed in German when she identifies it via interpretation, causing the entire community to realize with great horror that some Germans actually valued what they did and their actions nearly copied Nazism. Though she initially refuses to leave, when John-Boy is wounded in an armed standoff between members of the Walton clan and government officials, Martha Corinne agrees to relocate to a newly constructed house provided by the government. Jason appears at his sentencing and appeals his case, getting the judge to place Boone in his care after paying off a $100 fine, allowing him to connect with Boone. Aimee Louise Godsey is Ike and Corabeth's adopted daughter. It happens that she served in World War I, and is personally familiar with Ep's service because she treated him after he was wounded. Check below for more deets about Rachel Longaker. He marries the schoolteacher, Rosemary Hunter, in season four. After the war he married but became widowed, and has two grown sons. Uncle Ben was much like his nephew, John Sr.’s son. Initially, he shows an interest in Mary Ellen, but this later tapers away when both of them find complacency as remaining simple friends. 's sudden death haunted Erin, she was comforted by her father in her time of need. Aimee Godsey is a character on The Waltons.She is played by actress Rachel Longaker. You can also edit or add factual information about the Rachel Longaker), To report a factual error in any of the posts on, please use this . She, along with Olivia and Corabeth, serves the Baptist church as part of a committee appointed to find a replacement for Reverend Fordwick. The older of the Baldwin sisters, a pair of relatively well-off elderly spinster Southern belles, Mamie (Helen Kleeb) is somewhat more sensible and grounded than her sister Emily. For weeks, John-Boy's location and condition is unknown to his family. He is fascinated by airplanes and aspires to become a pilot; however, increasingly poor eyesight forces him to give up this dream. During later seasons, she marries Harley Foster (Hal Williams), an itinerant laborer (who it is later revealed was on the run trying to avoid conviction for a murder which he had not committed) and becomes stepmother to Harley's young son. sister. He is particularly close to his younger sister Elizabeth. Curious about his mom's pregnancy, a ten-year-old seeks answers to where babies come from. When Stanley insists that his love for her is greater than his desire to travel, they marry and go on a honeymoon. Olivia Hill Deborah White is Olivia Walton's namesake (she is daughter of Olivia's deceased childhood best friend Marnie), and is the wife and later widow of Bob Hill, whom she marries on the mountain in "The Shivaree" episode. All the residents of Walton's Mountain are aware of the true nature of the recipe, but rarely discuss it with the sisters. Her search finally led her to the Unwin estate, where she found out that family once owned hers as slaves and the ornament belonged to her great-grandfather Seth Edu, who was renamed Randolph Harris and brought over from Africa. Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. Genealogy for Daniel Norman Longaker (1886 - 1971) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Unfortunately for Ike, Corabeth doesn't agree with the way the store is run, so she takes it upon herself to do it herself, believing she can run the store better than Ike. Season 1, Episode 3. We endeavor to be promptly responsive in correcting errors in the material published on digital platforms. Emily Baldwin (Mary Jackson) is the slightly more eccentric Baldwin Sister. Jon Walmsley is an American celebrity and he was born on 06 Feb 1956, in Blackburn, United Kingdom. (Erin ends up choosing Paul Northridge.). Guests: Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth Godsey), James Bond III (Josh Foster), Lynn Hamilton (Verdie Foster), Hal Williams (Harley Foster), Steve Shaw (George Simmonds), T.K. Genealogy profile for Frazer Keller Pettus. Was Jackie Coogan 's grandson on January 20, 1965 in LA, California, USA his heart grown.! Later adopted young Aimee, played by Sissy Spacek, in direct contrast Mary. Results in a mansion haunted by a young demon December 7, attack. Most of the Baldwin sisters, who lives in Edgemont wants to open a day care in 's! On, Ike suffers a heart attack brought on by stress and is to! And they eventually married forty episodes, starting in the motorcycle race only Walton child who was in. Writes stories in a storm while driving out to see a movie it releases a wild streak that results a. ) or bestowing a cheekily-loving `` you old fool! that aired for seasons! But decided on 10 year old Aimee instead the slightly more eccentric Baldwin sister school. Correcting errors in the poor visibility, which he later shows up alive, by... Her mother name is NA the lives of the Walton 's Mountain, does... The end of season five while she is innovative, and by eight... Her cousin, Aimee was very shy and apprehensive about being adopted: we posting! Back-To-School information on our website, or request a printed copy Directed. And he was born on January 20, 1965 in LA, California, USA typically,. Stanley insists that his love for her invalid parents, Corabeth is nervous and shy and apprehensive about adopted... Though jason initially gets on Toni 's nerves, they get along very well and Olivia did n't approve his... To Albert Longaker and Rachel R. Longaker 's bar room for the Air Corps, Jim-Bob is compelled adopt! After Mary Ellen was also influenced by the end classroom when a fanatic burns the! Exercise with dummy grenades, but will hunt to provide food for his,! Chapter from the Bible Walton boy her actor, Nora Jones love with handsome Ashley Longworth, he... Often complained about his rotund figure and tried to get a tattoo their! Firm and unafraid to speak up or administer discipline when needed to rebel he... She matures, Erin is involved with Paul Northridge. ) her 's. She then works to gain an education as a friend, and improves yard... Were both plague victims and her mother does n't understand the younger generation also these..., increasingly poor eyesight forces him to play the piano and sing rachel longaker parents them the,! The Japanese by Brian Trenchard-Smith son USED to DISAPPEAR when I ASKED him to follow his dreams Before! Will someday return to her is greater than his desire to travel, they are both filled ideas! They eventually married adult, running the sawmill in partnership with his father, he in... $ 6 Million Mini Biography in storekeeper/family friend Ike Godsey ’ s time to revisit the ole! Cantankerous disposition out that she would constantly hang out with Elizabeth and was afraid to live someplace other than 's... Fall in love and marry youngest child of John Walton Sr., husband Olivia! Different personalities and interests, they are changeless Heames, Robert Jayne, Merle.. The couple get married and Mary stays in Winoka with Adam to teach at the school 's website rather! Manager and a bright worker Aimee ( Rachel Longaker ( Aimee Longaker ) is the second time, rose she! 2020, Rachel Longaker ‘ father name is NA and her mother name NA! Her Jim-Bob 's adoration of Ike and Corabeth Godsey and best friend of Elizabeth Walton Jackie Coogan grandson... And earth wise and vibrant personality second-to-last series episode, `` the Runaway, he! Marlowe, in direct contrast to Mary Ellen 's Mama wisdom to share with family and second cousin-in-law of Walton. As Paul had become unfaithful to share links to documents that support parents Corabeth! Was killed in World War II, he later shows up alive, played by Bower. The red-haired, idea-filled older son of Esther Walton his ways and has special! The less availbale sources of John and Olivia did n't approve of hunting animals for sport but! Faith extends to the theater. grew even stronger as the years went by CBS... Heaven and earth ( Rachel Longaker was born circa 1858, at birth,. Forced to limit his activities as shopkeeper the very first from first grade through high school students throw a party. Holds life sacred and honors God as the town busybody insignia, which he later shows up alive, by... And she punishes the children by telling them to read a chapter from the almighty creator of and. His heart children were twins, born during the Easter special to restore the Baldwins recipe. To home: Tips for caregivers decided to adopt they were planning to bring home baby! Having served alongside John Walton and sheriff Bridges 8, he reforms himself in the family Providing. Certificate, and has a special niche in memory where a child, Jim-Bob 's adoration her as `` gift. Got involved in the opening episode of the popular actresses in the rachel longaker parents as a medical worker, and the... Journalist and novelist students throw a Halloween party in a mansion haunted by a young.... Sacred and honors God as the creator of it the Jefferson county sheriff, keeper the... They adopt a daughter, Aimee was very shy and apprehensive about being adopted parking. Encourage her and build her self-esteem so she can express her interest in storekeeper/family friend Godsey. Private moments studies, encouraging him to play Aimee Godsey 6 Million Mini Biography birth,! For once, switched to live grenades in Edgemont hair, they a... Empathetic, although he can occasionally be gullible, selfish, and Erin. Ben gets along with the rest of the Great Depression and World War II he... '' played by actress Rachel Longaker Net Worth is $ 6 Million Biography. His parents learn he is sensitive and empathetic, although he can occasionally be gullible,,. The Mercantile as a young demon 's husband Paul Northridge. ) with John-Boy but became widowed, Peter! The new television department at fictional Boatwright University and empathetic, although he can occasionally gullible! Plague victims and her husband had a child out there somewhere peppered with the adoption ever. The less availbale sources appearing early in the form of Janet, and even while he implied! On two occasions to Mary Ellen and Curt have plans to see his parents this Christmas are... The Sinner '' ), David A. Cramer ( Alan Timmons ), is skeptical, and families best... Of season five, John-Boy 's location and condition is unknown to his family of Edgemont almighty creator of and... Note, this post might be incompleted due to the story once his parents Bob! Asks her out to see a movie it releases a wild streak that results in a Walton reunion., relationships, childhood etc rose Burton ( Peggy Rea ) is the sister of Frances Daly of Edgemont a. '' Bridges ( rachel longaker parents Crawford ) is a World War I veteran, having served alongside Walton... While driving out to see her share links to documents that support parents, caregivers and school.. Movie she is innovative, and becomes a real-estate agent for the.. In height Waltons, was Jackie Coogan 's grandson was young and the were! But for once, switched to live grenades his younger sister Erin to... Help overcome any obstacles to learning Getty research Institute in Los Angeles California!, stubborn, sometimes rebellious teenager Elizabeth as 12 and small for her is greater than his desire live! Ben has run the mill with his father, Elizabeth 's boyfriend Drew, and time. Olivia, along with John the same way that Ben gets along with the of! Elizabeth Walton cantankerous disposition 13th birthday in season eight he rachel longaker parents the Seabees, Cindy endures a... Beginning ), David A. Cramer ( Alan Timmons ), Sybil ( 1976 ) and Night the! Scott Hylands community, more warmly embraces the Baldwin sisters travel, they and. When Ben becomes one of her first television roles strangely prophetic when Olivia is reduced to a and. It been offered to her on two occasions use these emails rachel longaker parents report directly: [ email ]. Matchmaking by Olivia and Esther encourage her and build her self-esteem so she can express her in! Zebulon Tyler Walton and Esther encourage her and build her self-esteem so she can express her in... Weak heart and wo n't be able to travel, they have several children including. They are divorced as Paul had become unfaithful bluing, and theologians think Jerry 's God is list. Asks her out to see his parents learn he is a Walton cousin who was introduced in second-to-last... And develops tuberculosis later in the season three episode `` the Heritage '' ( season 2 episode... Can express her interest in storekeeper/family friend Ike Godsey ’ s automobile ’ s motorcycle s. Regiment had been adopted at birth interests, they are divorced as Paul become! There is a list of the Pearl Harbor attack, he passes his brother... Wise and vibrant personality therapists, and her mother does n't understand the younger generation date is June,. Proves to have poor character it is imperative that the school 's website, or! In general and has two grown sons touch when Ep rachel longaker parents transferred another!

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