Antique Mahogany Side Chair: What Is It? "Such 'Ru guanyao' wares–known for their intense blue-green glaze and “ice-crackle” pattern–are extremely rare because the kiln in China’s central Henan province had a brief production run of only around two decades," stated a Reuters report on the sale. When young lithographer Milton Bradley founded his Springfield, Massachusetts-based printing business, an English board game he'd been introduced to by a friend was very much on his mind. Magazines that have been around for decades, or those that no longer … Some of the most popular collectibles released by Department 56 include the Dickens Village and Snowbabies. Your old yearbook could be worth a lot more than you think. By Kelsey Kloss. If you've inherited one, you could earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars at an auction. Some were based on traditional card and parlor games, some gave a nod to cultural themes (money during the Depression, patriotism during war times), while others banked on characters from pop culture (think Superman or Charlie's Angels). Of course, not every sneaker is going to be a collectible. The most valuable baseball card of all time dates to the early 1900s. Of course, it depends on the popularity of the game, as well. That particular model sold for $355,000 at Christie's in 2017. Condition and rarity played a part in bringing this record-breaking sum. You might be sitting on a gold mine. 04 of 10 Elizabeth Taylor's La Peregrina Pearl Necklace by Cartier In 1894, John Hubley founded the Hubley Manufacturing Co. in Lancaster, LA. But in late 2017, an antique desk made in Kentucky took the auction spotlight. You've even resorted to Googling "What to do when you're bored." In fact, a rare copy could be worth millions. 0. While there is nothing more satisfying than dropping a pile of forgotten goods at the donation center (you know what they say about one man's trash...), it might be worth taking a gander through your hoards of stuff to make sure you're not sitting on a treasure trove. These mini vases measure just four inches tall but pack a decorative punch. This Thomas Carver creation sold by Copley Fine Art Auctions, LLC for $270,000. With a pre-auction estimate of $5 to $7 million, this antique rug far exceeded sale expectations. Priced as low as $19.95, the starter sets had plenty of tempting add-on cars and accessories that could be acquired year after year. There's one on eBay going for a mere $1.75 million on eBay. With only nine known to exist, Honus Wagner examples in excellent condition like this one are extremely rare and valuable. The most popular collectibles can change as quickly as the seasons, but there are a handful of items that will always be worth storing with care. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Things From the ‘70s That Could Make You Rich, An Update For Our Country Living Fair Community, These Items Could be Worth So Much Money Today, 39 Things in Your Basement to Never Throw Away. No longer the sole domain of avid collectors, luxury collectibles are now considered viable alternative investments. When prototype and sample diecast are excluded, the most valuable regular production NASCAR diecast is the Dale Earnhardt 1998 Daytona Winner Gold Elite. The pocket watch sold for $24 million at auction in 2014, breaking its previous record of $11 million set in 1999 as the most valuable timepiece in auction history. Behold, the list of the world’s most expensive collectible items. There are a lot of nuances that determine a card's worth though, so if you've come across a hoard of old cards, it's worth getting them appraised. ), but there are collectors out there looking to buy vintage cereal boxes. Founded in 1919 as a subsidiary of General Electric, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) was a pioneer in the radio industry. This shattered the previous record for a non-automotive movie prop formerly held by the Maltese Falcon that sold for $4 million in 2013, also by Bonhams. Country Living editors select each product featured. In 2015 a Lucky in Love casserole dish sold for $4,000. They're those boxes that haven't unpacked in several moves and too many years to count. It's all downhill from there, financially speaking. Parking spot in Manhattan – $1 million It’s been reported that at least two condo developments in New York City were charging $1 million for parking places to park a single car. A little dish like this used for washing small brushes might not look like much, but it set a world record for Chinese porcelain in 2017. “The key is condition,” says appraiser Bene Raia. The maker name is usually shown on the clockface itself.). Follow. Nostomania's 100 most valuable magazines. What Is It Worth? If you've hung onto an original copy, you may be in the market for more than just a satisfied appetite—a first edition in good condition with the original jacket is rare and earns top dollar on Ebay and other online auctions sites. These modern pieces make a fun addition to your everyday table. Most often when antique furniture records are broken, the origin of the piece is Rhode Island, New York, or perhaps Pennsylvania. Also keep an eye on the latest superhero movies when digging through your vintage comic books. 1. He decided to launch a U.S. version of the game, The Checkered Game of Life, in 1860. So before you toss or donate anything, take a look at this list of 55 items that are worth a lot of money today and may just be hiding in plain sight in your storage. Duck decoys became highly collectable in the mid-20th century and prices have never been higher for pristine items. Samantha is one of the original American Girl dolls, and if yours is still in good condition with her original clothes and accessories, she could go for thousands of dollars. If you happen to have a first edition of a popular book, go ahead and dust off the cover because it could net you thousands of dollars. When it comes to resale, sealed, unopened boxes often double the value, but the retro nostalgia of childhood family nights equals dollars for most titles. From the Northern Song Dynasty, this 900 year-old dish measuring just 5.125 inches was listed as "highly important and extremely rare" in the auction catalog. Robby the Robot, from the classic science fiction film Forbidden Planet released in 1956, sold for $5.375 million through Bonhams in New York. Antique Dollhouses: What Is It? So guys lets see the most expensive Coca-Cola collectibles. Apparently, magenta-colored Pattis are the most sought-after Patti because magenta is the first color she/he/it ever appeared in. Copies of the album have brought up to $290,500 at auction, although most sell for a couple hundred dollars. Of course, as with anything, rare comic books hold more value than common editions. 2015-06-26 10:20:41. Despite the galactic inflation, a first edition Millennium Falcon is one of the most — if not the most —valuable LEGO sets ever produced. It's also thought that the 13 balls around the edge symbolize the 13 original colonies. These things have merit and are timeless. According to Theriault's, a leader in doll auction sales, this Rochard example "symbolizes the golden age of French dolls." When it comes to the nostalgia factor, nothing tops an original concert poster, and the bigger the name (read, the Beatles! 10 Spider-man Comic Book: $40,000+ Clearly, some of these items may not, and probably do not exist in that grade. The coin sold at auction for $10,016,875 on January 24, 2013. And sure, it makes sense that rare or older LEGO sets can fetch high prices among collectors -- hell, that shit is pretty pricey when it's new. We get it—you're stuck at home with a lot of extra time on your hands. Various items you've had in your house for years may be worth a lot more than you think. Heritage had just sold the only known surviving Italian issue movie poster from 1946 for Casablanca in July 2017, which matched their own previous world record from November 2014 for an only-known 1927 copy of the poster for London After Midnight," according to a Heritage Auctions press release. The most valuable coin in the world is the United States 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar and is considered to be in its original mint state condition. It sold for $333,500, and will reside in the Barry Art Museum of Norfolk, Virginia. -> 10. Made by Morton Pottery, they’re just one example of the earthy swirled pottery popularized by Midwestern and Ozark-area makers like Niloak and Nemadji in the 1920s and ’30s. Not too bad. Based on variables like condition, player, and year, a card can be sold online for thousands of dollars. Important to the affair was the offering of the appropriate graphic and colorful barware—with just the right dose of gold glitz—by well-known glassware companies such as Libbey, Federal Glass, Hazel-Atlas, and Culver.

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