Harry Winston Ocean Sport Zelium 411lq36z Womens Watch With... Harry Winston Premier Excenter Perpetual Calendar 41mm Watch... Harry Winston Ocean Diver Project Z2 Chronograph 410/MCA44RZ.C... Harry Winston Premier 36mm White Gold Quartz Watch PRNQHM36WW0... Harry Winston Premier Ladies Quartz 39mm prnqhm39rr002, Harry Winston Ocean Triple Grande Chronograph. Modifié le 29/10/2015 à 17:34 - Publié le 28/10/2015 à 01:51. By using the slider set into the left side of the case, one can choose between the following three disks: GMT time, the date, and a star bearing the signature of Harry Winston, a reference to the stars of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Secure purchases & Free Buyer Protection Daily new offers. The company was founded in 1932 as Harry H. Winston Jewels, Inc. and changed its name to Harry Winston Inc. in January 1936. The Harry Winston Opus series dates back to 2001, when then-CEO of Harry Winston Rare Timepieces, and since, founder and CEO of MB&F Maximilian Büsser and Francois-Paul Journe created the Opus 1. HCOMDT48WZ001, Ocean Biretrograde Perpetual Calendar Automatic, ref. Visit the official Harry Winston website. The ref. OCEAPC42WW002, Perpetual calendar, retrograde day and date displays, 91 baguette-cut diamonds, Ocean Chronograph Automatic, ref. Harry Winston Opus 7 by Andreas Strehler $ 190,000. Harry Winston commissioned watchmakers Frank Orny and Johnny Girardin, who were responsible for the Montblanc Metamorphosis back in 2010 to build this new hyper-mechanical timepiece. The duo would later add the 2015 Harry Winston Opus 14 to their impressive résumé. As seen on the wrist of Marc Hayek. 153. Prices at a Glance: Harry Winston Watches, Histoire de Tourbillon: High-End Tourbillon Watches, Harry Winston Project Z: Luxury Sports Watches, 618 baguette-cut diamonds, 5 brilliant-cut diamonds, Histoire de Tourbillon 1, ref. Harry Winston OPUS 14. écrit par Passion Horlogère 30 octobre 2015. For more information, please visit www.spiral-mag.com.hkMusic from www.freesfx.co.uk The Opus 9 demands around 142,000 USD in mint condition, while the Opus 7 changes hands for about 68,500 USD. Its power comes from the in-house caliber HW3306 with a 72-hour power reserve. The Opus 5 came to Harry Winston by way of Urwerk’s Felix Baumgartner and features their distinctive rotating satellite hour and retrograde minutes display. In 2007, Harry Winston opened a watch factory in Geneva, the capital of Swiss watchmaking. One highlight in the Ocean collection is the Ocean Biretrograde Perpetual Calendar Automatic. What is new, however, is that we see more of an automaton-style mechanism stealing the show as opposed to a funky, extremely complicated new way of indicating the time as, again, had been the case for the last several years. From the outset, the business focused on rare gemstones. Harry Winston perpétue jusqu'à aujourd'hui la tradition initiée en 2001 avec la collection Opus : l'Opus 14, par exemple, a été conçue conjointement par Johnny Girardin et Franck Orny. Top categories. 6. 126. Save this search. Harry Winston unveils Opus 14. The duo would later add the 2015 Harry Winston Opus 14 to their impressive résumé. The Swatch Group has shown no hesitation in taking on highly complex and original technical challenges, even in the face of continuing the highly popular and complex Opus series. The round, asymmetrical case, therefore, contains the HW4601 movement that comprises a whopping 1,066 individual parts and 124 jewels, offers 68 hours of power reserve for the movement, and up to 5 hours of “back and forth disk movements.”. Daily new offers. Sortieren Relevanz Preis aufsteigend Preis absteigend Datum absteigend . You might also be interested in: More suggestions. OCEAPC42WW002 is especially luxurious. The business remained in family hands until 2013, when it was acquired by the Swiss Swatch Group. This will cause the disc with the blue star to return to storage and replace it with the date disc. Professionnel de Chrono24. Inscrit dans la saga Opus, ce nouveau garde-temps d’exception s’inspire d’un emblème des années 50 : le jukebox. Black (142) Brown (70) White (41) No details (256) More... Clasp material. With a mid century American theme given the record changer-style complication that has three discs (one that can be personalized, the date, and a second time zone). This is in reference to its unique mechanical configuration using four stacked disks which recall the nostalgic automated music-playing device. This model had a limited run of 300 pieces and costs about 19,500 USD. Over the years, various precious stones would pass through Winston's hands, including the Hope Diamond. 778,000 USD), depending on the material. in Uncategorized. Harry Winston Ocean GMT Tourbillon Z5 Ltd 80 pieces, Harry Winston Yellow Gold Premier Automatic Date "Brunei King", Harry Winston Ocean Diver White Gold OCEACH44WZ007. Harry Winston is synonymous with the world’s most dazzling gems, from the Hope Diamond to the sparklers adorning Hollywood’s elite on every major red carpet. Save up to 63% off the cover price and get free access to the digital edition. The top dial opens and shuts using a sliding set of wings to reveal the chronograph counters underneath. 10.28.2015; Partager. Since 1932, Harry Winston has transformed diamonds into art and revolutionized modern jewelry and watch design. The line has helped launched several of today's most famous names including Felix Baumgartner from Urwerk, Vianney Halter, Stephen Forsey, and of course, the man who launched the concept in the first place, Maximilian Büsser for MB&F. Some 13 iterations later, in 2013, the project was believed by many to have come to its end when Swatch Group purchased Harry Winston. Select timepieces even boast multiple tourbillons and are, therefore, exceptionally precise. The most exclusive version of this timepiece is made of Winstonium, the company's proprietary platinum alloy, and had a production run of one. Then, by pressing the pusher at the 4 o’clock position of the case, a moving arm picks up the disk and sets it onto the platform that is at the 2 o’clock position on the dial. Harry Winston has been creating extraordinary limited-edition tourbillon watches in the Histoire de Tourbillon collection since 2009. Press the pusher again, and the arm will move the disk back into the store. The manual caliber HW4702 sits within the rectangular 53.5 x 39.1-mm case and displays the time in the middle of the dial. Watch enthusiasts around the world have waited rather long for this remarkable series of highly complicated timepieces to continue, and many were worried that maybe we would never see the Opus collection expand with another new piece again – here’s why. Ringe . In Standard . Each disc is modeled after a vinyl record. The 48-mm case is a mix of 18-karat white gold and Zalium, a zirconium alloy that's as hard as copper, corrosion-resistant, and lighter than stainless steel. Due to their limited production numbers, Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon watches are extremely difficult to find. Mail ; Print; As part of the Opus saga, this exceptional new timepiece takes its inspiration from a symbol of the 1950s: the jukebox. Harry Winston Opus 14. Silicon balance spring, GMT and date disks, with “aesthetic” disk; quick correctors for date and GMT; three position selector for the jukebox. … Continue Reading. Actualités. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on the front and back provide a clear view of the various displays and the movement within. Since Harry Winston only ever produced 20 copies of this timepiece, it is exceptionally rare and often demands upwards of 110,000 USD. US. The resulting timepiece is a more-than-bold 54.7 millimeters wide and 21.9 millimeters thick – not entirely unusual for the Opus line of super complicated watches which tend to require a lot of space to house the massive and often unusually shaped calibers. Harry Winston Avenue Dual Time Automatic Zalium Men's Watch... Harry Winston Premiere Precious Moon Phase PRNAMP36WW002. The way it works is that the selector on the left side has to be set into one of its three aforementioned settings, marked by GMT, Date, and a star Emblem. opus.harrywinston.com. Harry Winston Opus 12 Emmanuel Bouchet movement, Direct... Price on request. What's more, this timepiece has a large date display and two day/night indicators. Mechanical Watches; Vintage … 18k white gold, over 50mm wide and limited to 50 pieces in this version. It sits atop two discs: one for the date and another for a second time zone. AE. Harry Winston based this component on New York's Manhattan Bridge. With 91 baguette-cut diamonds, the ref. The company is named after its founder, Harry Winston, who was called by many as the "King of Diamonds". Harry Winston Opus 12 Emmanuel Bouchet movement, Direct... Prix sur demande. Harry Winston Avenue on Chrono24.com. 8 026,59 € € 8026.59. The Swatch Group has shown no hesitation in taking on highly complex and original technical challenges, even in the face of continuing the highly popular and complex Opus series. 16.868 € Professionnel de Chrono24. The Histoire de Tourbillon 10 is available in 18-karat rose or white gold, each limited to a run of 10 pieces. After a one year hiatus – the Opus XIII was introduced in 2013 – the Opus 14, or perhaps Opus XIV, will make its debut at the end of October this year, according to an announcement by Harry Winston. The in-house caliber HW4601 provides this timepiece with its one-of-a-kind jukebox mechanism. Harry Winston Weißgold Ringe Größe: 53 MM . The Premier Ladies 36 mm is made of 18-karat white gold and fully encrusted in 600 baguette-cut diamonds and 5 brilliant-cut diamonds. 407,000 USD). Harry Winston adorns these watches with countless diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. OCEATZ44WW002 is made of 18-karat white gold and measures 44 in diameter. Tell me all about it!". Perfect for your home or business with a 1950s-inspired interior. For more information, please visit www.spiral-mag.com.hkMusic from www.freesfx.co.uk Anwenden. The Opus 14 was launched in November 2015 at a special event just for it, which already makes it much different as all the others were … This model gets its power from the automatic caliber HW3501. OCEACH44RR001 is particularly eye-catching. A prominent red scale next to the main dial serves as a retrograde minute display. To view the GMT display, simply repeat the process: Set the slider to "GMT" and press the button to reveal the time in a second time zone. Harry Winston オー … Harry Winston will produce just 50 pieces of the Harry Winston Opus 14 watch in 18k white gold and the price is … Harry Winston dévoile Opus 14. Mint-condition models are much rarer and more expensive; prices up to 43,500 USD are commonplace. The Opus 14 has been called a “Jukebox on your wrist”.. Open your door to 500,000 watch enthusiasts every day. Price for the Harry Winston Opus 14 is 428,000 Swiss Francs . The luxury sports watches in the Project Z series fall into the same category as industry icons like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus. The duo would later add the 2015 Harry Winston Opus 14 to their impressive résumé. 1 . A blue bridge stretches across the center of the dial from 9 to 3 o'clock. The date window is also located at 6 o'clock. Limited to a run of 50 pieces, this luxury watch had an initial list price of 428,000 CHF (approx. Harry Winston teams up with the most creative modern watchmakers to design new models. For example, the Histoire de Tourbillon 10 from 2019 made history as the world's first watch with four tourbillons. The Opus is Harry Winston's flagship collection. Luminous material coats the hands, enabling the wearer to tell the time in the dark. With 100 m (10 bar, 328 ft) of water resistance, this GMT watch can even join you for a dip in the pool. Top models contain multiple tourbillons and have production numbers in the single digits. The manual caliber HW1007 ticks away inside the case. Largest selection & best prices. Replica Watches Essentials Watchonista’s dedicated Harry Winston Opus page. NL. Harry Winston (No.1) 200-MMTZ39W Premier Excenter Timezone 18k... Harry Winston PROJECT Z2 CHRONO OCEAN DIVER 410-MCA44Z... Harry Winston Midnight Big Date Automatic 42mm 18K Rose Gold. It displays the local time and an additional time zone on a pair of unconventional dials. @harrywinston @harrywinston_timepieces #ablogtowatch #livefromopus14, A post shared by aBlogtoWatch (@ablogtowatch) on Oct 27, 2015 at 12:30pm PDT. Harry Winston Premier 31mm Rose Gold Quartz Watch PRNQHM31RR00... Harry Winston Ocean Triple Retrograde Chronograph 44mm... Harry Winston Premier Excenter Perpetual Calendar GMT 18K... Harry Winston Submariner Ocean 38mm 18K Yellow Gold Mens Watch. A date display composed of a transparent number ring and luminous marker runs around the dial's outer edge. That reputation for excellence has extended to timepieces since 1989, when the brand debuted their first watches. par Olivier Müller. We do not yet have a verified price, but when the HDT 7’s $600,000 price tag was any sign, anticipate those twenty five owners to become extremely well-heeled indeed. And what’s more, this highly complicated watch is rock ‘n’ roll personified. The video content has been transcribed to the following description: No video description available. 0. The Project Z12's Zalium case is 42 mm in diameter and 11 mm thick. Price: approx. Exclusive vintage and retro sofas, tables, booths, bar stools and chairs in eight different colours. Never-worn pieces change hands for around 17,500 USD. For example, the Project Z12 – the 12th Project Z model since the collection's 2004 debut – features retrograde minute and hour displays. OCEACH44RR001, Innovative in-house calibers with unique functions, Proprietary materials like Zalium and Winstonium, Flyback chronographs for quick time measurements, Luxurious watches encrusted with diamonds. Professional dealer. 0 . Film Harry Winston Opus 14. Eine Benachrichtigung erstellen. Today, their catalog ranges from diamond-encrusted works of horological art to highly complicated limited-edition timepieces with unique functions. Harry Winston Premier Excenter 18k White Gold Mother of Pearl... Harry Winston OCEAN TRIPLE RETROGRADE CHRONOGRAPH ZALIUM... Harry Winston Midnight Retrograde Second Automatic. Harry Winston, Inc. is an American luxury jeweler and producer of Swiss timepieces. So, the Opus series has survived Harry Winston’s change of ownership – now part of Swatch Group – and it will apparently continue, though new Opus watches will be launched less frequently than in the past. Several High Jewelry Timepieces occupy the upper end of this price range. Introduced in 2001, the Opus collection represents everything Harry Winston stands for as a watchmaker. Over 2,500 successful private sellers each month. The "record changer" inspired mechanism of the all new Harry Winston Opus 14 to indicate either the date or GMT. As its name implies, the Ocean Dual Time can display two times at once. It imagines new models that defy the laws of innovation and the way time is read. Today, however, the Harry Winston Opus 14 watch has made its debut in Baden-Baden, Germany – see Ariel’s wristshot from the event just above – and that means that the Opus name lives on. The main dial occupies a rather unorthodox position at 9 o'clock. Pre-owned pieces require an investment of about 18,500 USD. Secure purchases & Free Buyer Protection Another defining feature is a disc with a blue star, which is located above the minute display. Dezember 1978 ebenda) war ein amerikanischer Juwelier, der einen der bekanntesten Juwelierläden der Welt in New York City gründete.. Winstons Vater wanderte aus der Ukraine ein und hatte einen kleinen Juwelierladen in New York, in dem auch Harry Winston zu arbeiten anfing. These master watchmakers had previously collaborated on the Montblanc Metamorphosis, a chronograph with two dials. 15. Harry Winston Midnight Retrograde White Gold MIDARS42-2 -... Harry Winston Project Z 400/MMAC44WZ Zalium 44mm watch. The Harry Winston Opus 14 on the wrist. Das Kaliber HW4601 der Opus 14 in der Unterzifferblattansicht The greatly-anticipated addition to Harry Winston’s Opus series, the Opus 14, was launched recently at a 50s-themed event in Baden-Baden, Germany. The actor Richard Burton bought the diamond for his wife Elizabeth Taylor. Calf leather straps with a rubber base complete the sporty look. With that, a wonderful venture into the very depths of the independent watchmaking universe began – and it continued in what turned into the Opus series of watches, where Harry Winston continued to work together with some of the greatest independent watchmakers of our time. The hour display occupies the dial's upper half, while the minutes are located on the lower half. If you come here often, you should tell us (and the whole world, really) about yourself in the bio section of your profile. The Opus timepieces were originally conceived in the pre-Swatch Group era of the company – that is to say, most of its history – and was the brainchild of then-Harry Winston watch C… Harry Winston Glissiere Tourbillon Skeleton Limited 25 Pieces... Harry Winston Premier Chronograph 200UCQ32W. HRH Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton, Baron Kilkeel KCVO (* 15. This was a very brave move which was made by the bold designer who doesn’t mind taking chances on his designs. The balance cages complete one full rotation every 36 seconds, significantly improving the watch's overall precision. Jennifer Jones, who won the prize for Best Leading Actress that same year, was the very first star to don one of Harry Winston's precious creations. Founded in New York City in 1932, the company has been part of the Swiss Swatch group since 2013. The Harry Winston Ocean collection sits at the intersection of "haute horlogerie" and sporty elegance. Find a reseller in your area or become a dealer of Jolina Products. To get your hands on an Harry Winston Opus 8 you either have to have an excellent contact in the luxury watch industry, or by chance a wealthy owner who may have decided to sell at a reduced price. Harry Winston produced 20 copies of this timepiece, which now sells for around 305,000 USD in very good condition. 04 Nov. by . For a detailed explanation of the timepiece: http://www.watchesbysjx.com/2015/11/a-detailed-look-at-harry-winston-opus.html As Harry Winston so rightly says, Opus is first and foremost a human journey in collaboration with independent watchmakers. Copyright © 2021. aBlogtoWatch. Today, as we are in Baden-Baden, Germany, with Harry Winston, we have some terrific news for the fans of independent watchmaking: the Harry Winston Opus 14 watch has, at last, been revealed. It features a 30-minuter counter at 3, small seconds at 6, and 12-hour counter at 9 o'clock. Finally, the automatic caliber HW1001 lends the Ocean Dual Time a 45-hour power reserve. Harry Winston 200-MMTZ39W Premier Excenter Timezone 18k White... Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon #1 HCOMDT48WZ001 18k... Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon #1 HCOMDT48WZ001. Their Opus collection is particularly popular. Prices for Harry Winston watches range from a few thousand dollars for a pre-owned quartz timepiece to several hundred thousand for highly complicated mechanical masterpieces. Harry Winston is responsible for some of the finest examples of Swiss watchmaking. Opus 14 / Opus XIV. 14. Harry Winston is as famous for their astounding horological innovations as they are for their masterful jewelry. Top models feature either multiple tourbillons or a tourbillon that rotates on several axes. The main dial occupies a rather unorthodox position at 9 o'clock. Harry Winston produced 20 copies of this timepiece, which now sells for around 305,000 USD in very good condition. If you'd like to know the date, move the slider on the left side of the case to the "Date" position and then press the button at 4 o'clock. In stock now. The contenu vidéo a été transcrit dans la description suivante: Pas de description vidéo disponible. 21.000 € Professionnel de Chrono24. Thanks to its skeletonized displays and 44-mm rose gold case, the ref. The Harry Winston Opus 14 enthusiastically continues the exuberant tradition of astonishing complications. The second barrel can store enough energy for five disc changes. Harry Winston also crafted a single model in Winstonium, the company's proprietary platinum alloy. Harry Winston HW Opus 3 Complete Set Like New $ 208,000. This collection combines the company's history as one of the world's pre-eminent jewelry houses with its more recent successes in the realm of watchmaking. In the early 1950s, Life Magazine reported that Harry Winston's own collection was the world's second largest. Weighing 726 carats, the master gemologist was able to transform the raw diamond into 12 unique stones, the largest of which weighs 125.35 carats with an emerald cut. The main dial occupies a rather unorthodox position at 9 o'clock. Select models feature impressive complications like a perpetual calendar, chronograph, or second time zone. The small seconds resembles a shuriken, or Japanese throwing star. Nov 23, 2015 - Retro furniture in 50s style. Display all Show less. Harry Winston (* 1.März 1896 in Manhattan; † 28. As a result, they have a much sportier feel than the high-end pieces in the Opus and Histoire de Tourbillon collections. There's also a moon phase display at 6 and a dual leap year and month display at 12 o'clock. Inspired by jukeboxes from the 1950s, this timepiece features multiple discs that spin and change with the push of a button. Harry Winston made these shoes to very much duplicate the originals in their appearance and he succeeded in doing so. It debuted in 2001 under the leadership of Maximilian Büsser. Mail; Print; Inscrit dans la saga Opus, ce nouveau garde-temps d’exception s’inspire d’un emblème des années 50 : le jukebox. Harry Winston Opus 8 – Price. Damen . Businessman and philanthropist Harry Winston founded his eponymous company in New York City in 1932. There are also two time displays: an analog display on the front at 6 o'clock and three numeric discs for the hours, minutes, and seconds on the case back. Known as "Machines," these watches have placed MB&F firmly in the upper echelon of modern watchmaking. HARRY WINSTON – Opus 14. Harry Winston Perpetual Calendar 200-mawpc-38 18k rose gold... Harry Winston Vintage Harry Winston Lady 18k Yellow Gold LQ 27 GL, Harry Winston Midnight GMT Tourbillon 450/MATTZ45R 18k Rose Gold. 14 mm (2) 21 mm (2) 18 mm (1) No details (620) More... Bracelet color. 14. I say this because of how the 18k white gold and sapphire crystal case is designed like a series of stacked cylinders. The continuation of the Harry Winston Opus saga has finally arrived after a 2 year wait with the launch of The Harry Winston Opus 14.. The disk selector of the Harry Winston Opus 14 – with GMT, Date and Star settings. Pursuing a ’50s America vibe and featuring some automaton mechanisms inspired by the iconic record changer machines of the era, the Opus 14 appears to be more of a new beginning for the series than just another chapter.

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